What’s are National Dishes in each countries?
All dishes in this site are that I ate actually in each country.
Now I’ve visited more than 230 countries in the world.

When you understand that someone eats everyday, You begin to understand their life, history, society, and what their value are.
My goal here is that.

—Author Azusa

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Mabele meal

Swaziland food
Sorghum meal is known as “Mabele” in Swaziland. It is one of a traditional South African staple food. You will usually find it served with a tomato relish or a chili vegetable relish called “chakalaka”.


Aland Food
Ålandspannkaka, literally means “Åland’s pancake”, is a thick oven-baked pancake that includes either cardamon and semoria porridge in the dough. It is served with cream.


Brundi food
“Ndizi” is the Swahili word for bananas/plantains. The greenest unripe and starchy bananas are used for various cooking as it is a bit like potatoes.