What’s are National Dishes in each countries?
All dishes in this site are that I ate actually in each country.
Now I’ve visited more than 230 countries in the world.

When you understand that someone eats everyday, You begin to understand their life, history, society, and what their value are.
My goal here is that.

—Author Azusa

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Puerto Rico food
Puerto Rican culinary is influenced by Spanish, Cuban, Mexican and Americans, so that Locals call their cuisine “cocina criolla” meaning “creole cuisine”. Asopao is a kind of stew that is considered the most traditional Puerto Rican dish made with broth and rice. It is similar to Asian congee(粥) but more tasty and spicy because of its ingredients. A picture here I post is “Asopao de pollo” meaning “Chicken congee”.


Niger Food
Acheke is one of common food in west africa as it is cooked grained mackerelcassava root. I ate it with halicot (boiled beans), chopped onion, red pepper with salt and oil. Usually acheke is served with fried fish…

Sadza, Muriwo, Nyama

Zimbabwe food
Sadza is the staple diet for most of Zinbabwean, which is made of white maize (Mealie-Meal) like pap in South Africa, Nsima in Malawi, etc. Normally it is accompanied by stew or vegetable relish in one plate. Muriwo is chopped and cooked African spinach meal. Nyama (or Inyama) means meat or stewed meat.