What’s are National Dishes in each countries?
All dishes in this site are that I ate actually in each country.
Now I’ve visited more than 230 countries in the world.

When you understand that someone eats everyday, You begin to understand their life, history, society, and what their value are.
My goal here is that.

—Author Azusa

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חומוס, حمص (Hummus)

Israel and Palestina food
As chickpeas were one of the earliest crops cutivated in Mesootamia and were a common dish in ancient era.
חומוס (in hebrew) or حمص (in Arabic) is a dish made from chick pea with tahini (sesami paste) and sometimes garlic and lemon juice. It is often slathered in olive oil and sometimes sprinked with other ingredients such as paprika, mushrooms and onion.


Iran food
“Beryan”, an Esfahan delicacy in Iran, is prepared on flat bread, with a layer of sauteed minced lamb meat on one part, and coarsely crushed nut and walnut in between. It is often sprinkled with lemon juice.

Блины (Blini)

Russia food
Blini is a Orthodox feast celebrated on Eastern Slavic religious holiday called “Maslenitsa”. Traditionally it is a day when people eat big amounts of this flat pancakes.