Haricot riz

Central African Republic food
“Haricot riz” in French is commonly called “ricebean” or “rice bean” in English. It is the name of both the bean and the rice cooked with bean (usually the red type of ricebean).


Central Africa food
Gozo (in Sango language of CAR) is the dish which is generaly considered as Fufu, Ugali, or similar dumplings made ​​of flour of cassava root tubers. Local population have subsisted on Gozo, so that is essentially the national starch of CAR. Gozo is eaten by right hand shaping with the fingers of bite-sized, and dipped in the peanut or okra sauce.


Central African Republic food
Central African Republic would be one of good place for having experience of entomophagy. Ants and their larvae may be eaten as often as other countries such as Thailand, Colombia, etc. They called it ‘Bubu’ in Bangui (captal city) or western part in CAR. It was more than 1cm length and light roasted. Would you like to try it out? It’s very crispy.