Tanzania food
Sorghum, maize and millet are produced in large quantities in Africa and has found use in composite flours as well as in various traditional foods such as “Uji”, a gruel/porridge cooked from flour, peanut powder, sugar, and water.


Somalia food
Shigni is a nice hot sauce that is usually eaten with rice, bread or spaghetti. It is made from a blend of green chili, tomatoes and coriander leaves soured with lemon juice and tamarind.


Somalia food
“Shaah” is the word for tea which has long been the favorite beverage of Somalia. When Somali say it they generally refer to a hot tea beverage with milk and sugar added.


Brundi food
“Ndizi” is the Swahili word for bananas/plantains. The greenest unripe and starchy bananas are used for various cooking as it is a bit like potatoes.


ethiopia food
A popular drink in Ethiopia is Tej. It is a sweet wine, similar to mead, that is made from fermented honey and a special kind of hops called “gesho”.

Chapati ma beida

South Sudan food
“ma beida” is arabic word which literally means “with egg”. Chapati is popular thin flat unleavened bread in eastern Africa. This is a dish made by rolling lightly cooked egg (like omelet) with Chapati.


South Sudan food
Ful is most associated with Egypt and Sudan, which consider it their national dish. This dish is composed of boiled fava beans and oil on which we can add tomatoes, onions and cheese. Salt, chilli and lemon are served as table condiments.


ethiopia food
The original native population of coffee is thought to have come from East Africa specifically to Ethiopia. And due to the Italian influence, Macchiatos are also now a mainstay. It is a double or triple shot of Espresso with a dollop of milk foam on top. Add sugar if you wish.


ethiopia food
Ethiopian layered fruit drink, locally called “Spreece”, is what I wasn’t expecting. People of Ethiopia make a beautiful layer of mango, avocado, guava, papaya and other ingredients.


ethiopia food
Ambo is an Ethiopian brand of mineral water which contains rich carbon dioxide and originates from a spring in the town of Ambo. In Ethiopia, it is often used to prepare fancier mixed beer –“beer-tail”.


Tanzania food
A crispy thin dumpling encases a spicy mix of mashed potato and grind meat, which is then folded into triangle shape then deep-fried. It’s a fantastic light meal.


Kenya food
Matumbo is very hearty stew with a mixture of organs such as intestines and stomachs. It is usually combined with tomato-based soup.

Karkade (كركديه)

South Sudan food
Karkade (كركديه), Western Africans refer to this as Bissap, is red roselle(hibiscus) blossoms produce a delightfully refreshing tea because it contains organic acids, including citric acid. It is prepared by boiling dried sepals of the flower then adding sugar.


Kenya food
The word “Kingfisher” is the name of a sort of bird (See label). This is a popular Kenyan alcoholic beverage (like wine) prepared with strawberry.


Djibti food
Sheep, goat and Camel grow abundance in Djibouti, and consequently, meat with bone are widely used in their dishes. The good soup, widely called Maraq include Yemen and Somalia, is a broth made of meat and bone, sometimes seasoned with vegetables and spices.


Somalia food
Muufo is one of most popular Somali flat bread. In traditional way, the corn for Muufo is first ground into flour, then yeast, salt, oil and water are added and baked in their cray oven. Muufo resembles pita bread but is made with cornmeal.


Uganda food
Beef stew or Goat stew – it comes out as ‘soupy’ instead of thickened and gravy one. The meat comes out tender and moist, tomatoes and onions has been melt into a liquid completely. Serve with a Posho (Ugandan cornmeal porridge) or Matooke (Mashed banana). Hope you like it, too.


Uganda food
Posho is a semi-hard cornmeal porridge that is the traditional basic dish in Uganda. and it is served as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetable stews. It is similar dish as Ugali in Tanzania, Shima in Mozambique, Pap in South Africa and Namibia. To eat Posho, pull off a small ball of mush with one’s fingers and use it to scoop up stews.

Injera (እንጀራ), Hemuswas (ሕሙስዋስ)

Eritrea food
Traditional meal in Eritrea is often piled on and served with Injera, which is fermented crepe-like flat bread made from Tef flour. Hemuswas is sauteed mixed meat (particularly used organ site such as liver and kidney) with tomato-paste. Scoop or grab sauce or meat with the injera by using fingers on your right hand.

Andazi, Mandazi

Tanzania food
Andazi(Mandazi) is the term for doughnut (deep-fried patisry) in Kiswahili language. Andazi is singular while Mandazi is plural. It is very popular delicacy enjoyed in Kanzania and other countries nearby, and goes well with tea or coffee. The basic ingredients are simple, mixing flour, sugar and eggs.