Egypt food
Koshari is an ancient Coptic Christian dish that traditionally is prepared and eaten during periods of fasting when animal products are not allowed. It is a simple dish of rice, lentils, macaroni and chickpeas cooked separately and then served together in layers. It is topped with crisp brown onions and served with a tangy tomato sauce and vinegar.

Hamam Meshwi

Egypt food
Here I post a classic recipe from Egypt. Char-grilled or roasted Pigeon is called “Hamam Meshwi”. Hamam (حمامة) means pegion, meshwi means grill. Egyptian also love “Hamam mahshi”, a pigeon stuffed with rice or wheat and herbs, then roasted or grilled. mahshi is the term for stuffing.


An Egyptian national soup, thick and somewhat viscous ‘slimy’ texture is much enjoyable. The name is from the green leaves which is mainly used. It is cooked with fried garlic, chicken stock and much amount of oil.