Ivory Coast food
Attiéké is an exclusive healthy and delicious cassava couscous. This wonderful national dish eaten in Ivory Coast is not traditional food but today it is spreading out to surrounded countries such as Guinea. Attiéké is made from cassava root with processing of fermentation. It is often accompanied with tomato, onion, fried fish and pili-pili (chilli sauce).


Nigeria food
Masa is small pancake-like bread made of rice/corn flour and yeast, baked with griddle made of clay or iron with half-spherical molds. Masa is often seen in Northern Nigeria, Hausa region. A woman who sells this classic bun says “This is an African bread!”.

Jollof rice, Jellof rice

Nigeria food
Jollof rice (also called as Jellof rice) is a very popular dish throughout the West Africa. It’s a spicy rice dish usually cooked with rice, tomato and oil with spicy condiment such as chilli and black pepper. Often served with meat or poultry.

Agidi, Eko, Kafa

Nigeria food
Nigerian have ‘cold-pudding’ as their another staple food such as Agidi(Ibo and Yala), Eko or Eko-tutu(Yoruba), or Kafa(Hausa). It is a pudding made from fermented maize flour or corn starch. It is often served with hot and spicy condiment.


Nigeria food
Semorina is an another flour-based products besides Gari and Yam flour in Nigeria. It is a sort of maize (corn) as same as couscous flour. It should be accompanied by finger-licking soups like Draw and Egusi.

Gari, Draw

Nigeria food
Gari, a pounded cassava flour, is a major staple food in Nigeria and other countries in West to Central Africa. Such dishes are enjoyed with sticky stew like Draw soup. It gets its name from the thick character by okra or the other ingredientes.

Pounded yam, Egusi

Nigeria food
Pounded Yam is a kind of Fufu recipe that is made from boiled yam or white yam flour. Yam root (or flour) is mashed and beaten together by using a mortar and pestle to create a thick paste or dough. Egusi, a soup thickened with ground egusi seed goes very well as accompaniment.

Pepper soup, Pepe soup

Nigeria food
Pepper soup, also known as Pepe soup, is a hot chili soup which is found in Cameroon, Nigeria and widely in Africa. Nigerian recipe for a classic stew might contain catfish, tripe and various kind of meat. Tomato and hot chili actually do good job for the flavor. Its name sounds delicious already!

La Béninoise

Benin food
“La Béninoise” is real national alcoholic beverage in Benin, and this is what the refers to. It is Pale Lager with blond color and with small white head. I wasn’t expecting such a lightness so that it is good item to drink by a hot Beninese day.


Guinea food
Manani is congee/porridge prepared with a kind of local grain, consumed in west Africa. It is mostly sweetend with sugar and sometimes dressed with lemon juice. People are familiar with it.


Niger Food
Many street vender offer grilled pegion. I think you must eat it in Niger. Crispy and Nice flavor.


Niger Food
It’s my favorite! Mil(grain) is already prepared as a ball shape and they solve into milk when we order it. Sometimes some of sugar is added. And sometimes it has ginger flavor. It is slightly sour because of lacto germ. Try it!


Niger Food
It may be resin of trees, and has a color like jewelry. It is too much sticky in the mouth and it’s not sweet. It is also medicines.


Niger Food
It is boiled kned which is made of beans and grains. They put red pepper, salt and oil. Much nicer taste than I had thought.


Niger Food
The name “Maka” is derived from Macaronni. They brend normal spaguetti and “C” type macaronni, put little bit curry powder or tomato sauce (depend). They serve it with Deguidegui (tomato stew).


Niger Food
It’s just sugarcane and sold in 20 to 30 cm length. It contain too rich of sugar, so that it is so sweet.


Niger Food
There are lots of street vender for Salad. This is lettuce salad, nice taste with mayonnaise and vinegar.


Niger Food
Acheke is one of common food in west africa as it is cooked grained mackerelcassava root. I ate it with halicot (boiled beans), chopped onion, red pepper with salt and oil. Usually acheke is served with fried fish…


Gambia food
It is same as Maffe (Senegalese food). It is a stew made with meat, onion, tomato and peanut sauce. Eat with plain rice.