French Guinea food
French Guinea is a dependent territory of France and has wide availability of fine French gastronomies include French wine. As it is located in the South American continent, Chilean or Argentinean wine is also popular.

Rum punch

Turks and Caicos food
Let’s get in the party mood with a Caribbean rum punch in Turks and Caicos. The word “punch” means a drink with five ingredients, as the Sanskrit word “paanch” is “five”. Main ingredients may include rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, passion fruit juice and grenadine syrup.


Suriname food
The word “Parbo” has two meanings. One is a shortened nickname of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, and The other is the name of a famous Surinamese beer. Parbo beer is the number one sold beer in Suriname.


Costa Rica food
Empanada comes from the Spanish verb empanar, which means to wrap in bread. An empanada is made by folding a disc of thinly rolled dough over a filling into a semicircle and then baked or fried. Here I post a fried cheese empanada.


Guatemala food
Tostada literally translates to “toasted” in Spanish, but can refer to any dish that’s made with a fried tortilla as a base. Crispy fried corn tortilla is topped with refried beans, grated cheese, chopped avocado and tomato, sliced lettuce, chomin(Chinese influenced fried noodle) and salsa.


Guatemala food
Tortillas are main staple foods In Guatemala. it is made with a careful process of patting and turning the dough by hand into a disc. Here I post two colors of maize dough for making tortillas; white and black(blue) maize.

Sea moss

Antigua and Barbuda food
Sea moss, a species of red algae (Chondrus crispus), is believed to be an excellent reviver and energizer. This bottled drink is a blend of sea moss, sugar, milk and spices, believed to provide energy and vitality, especially for men.

Rice and Peas

Anguilla food
Rice and peas is a popular dish in Caribbean countries include Anguilla. It is very flavorful of coconut milk, herbs and garlic, and it is very nutritious.

Pollo frito

Panama food
Pollo frito, just means “fried chicken”, is a very popular food in Panama.


Trinidad Tobago food
Pelau is a one-pot dish consisting of rice, onions, chili pepper, meat or chicken, peas. They are all cooked with coconut milk and herbs. The process of browning the meat in sugar for pelau refers to a African tradition.

Conch salad

Turks and Caicos food
Conch is a giant sea snail whose beautiful pink-white shell has been a symbol of the Caribbean islands for centuries. Conch salad, made from conch, pepper, onion, tomato, chili and citrus juice, is one of the most popular dish in Turks and Caicos.

Ginger beer

Jamaica food
Ginger beer is a very popular beverage in Jamaica. It is not a beer. It is made from boiled or extracted ginger juice from the root, aerated or regular tap water and sugar. Also common for Jamaicans to make at home.

Shrimps kebab

Saint Martin food
The most popular types of cuisine in Saint Martin are traditional French and spicy West Indian Créole. Here I post shrimp creole kebab. Unexpected Flavor Combinations is often seen in its cuisine.

Fortune cookie

Canada food
Fortune cookies are Canadian custom. The cookies are made with a unique personalized message that you create to help promote any occasion. We get at the end of the meal which is great entertainment value. Many Canadian open the fortune cookie and add the words “in bed” to the end of each fortune.

Jerked chicken

Anguilla food
You will find the sweet and spicy flavors on most Caribbean islands. To prepare Jerked chicken (Jerk chicken), chicken meat is marinated with local spices mixture called “Jerk Seasoning” – gives an awesome flavor to meat. Then it is usually baked in oven or steel drum.


Jamaica food
My favorite drink when I was in Jamaica island was a grapefruit soda prepared in Jamaica called “Ting”. Today Ting is popular beverage in wide region of Caribbean.


Antigua and Barbuda food
Rum has been in production since the 17th century in the Caribbean, where the majority of rum production. It has been traditionally made from sugarcane juice.

Corn soup

Trinidad Tobago food
It would be delightful recipe for a soup person. This Corn soup is a traditional and classic soup made of sweetcorn, split peas and potatoes in stock. Split peas make the soup thicker. This is served as either family and festive dish.


Guatemala food
Guisada or Guisado (Spanish language), which translates to “stewed dish” is a slow-simmered dish that varies across the Latin America. Some people make their guisada with pork or chicken, the most common meat used, however is beef. One of the typical recipe includes meat, salt, garlic, oregano, black pepper and tomato.