Jerk Chicken

Jamaica food
If there’s any food for which Jamaica is famous worldwide, it’s Jerk Chicken. The flavorful marinade – made with local spices mixture called “Jerk Seasoning” – gives an awesome flavor to meat. It is usually baked in oven or steel drum.


Jamaica food
Jamaica offers a vast variety of dishes influenced by British. One of them, Patty is famous. It is made of minced meat, seafood or vegetables, formed triangle, rectangle or disk shapes by a bit spicy pie dough, and then fried. The surface crust is perfect and flaky.

Rice and Peas

Jamaica food
Jamaican creole cuisine is a compote of African, British, Spanish and American taste. Rice cooked with beans(peas) is the national dish. Additional ingredients include salt, garlic, coconut milk, thyme, onion, etc. Many dishes served with Rice and Peas in Jamaica.

Arroz congris or Arroz moro

This is a popular caribbean one pot meal which is also called ‘Rice and peas’ or ‘Peas and rice’ in English spoken caribbean countries. Cuban make the excellent version of this using red or black pea, well seasoned by garlic. Although ‘Arroz congris’ means ‘red beans with rice’ and ‘Arroz moro’ does ‘black beans with rice’ literally, now even Cuban do not make a sharp distinction between them.

Stew pork

Anguilla food
Stew pork in Anguilla is a traditional Caribbean dish served on many islands. The pork meat is browned in caramalised sugar in oil to get a rich dark colour and flavour, then cooked with vegetable and mix spices. It was served along with rice and salad.


Dominican Republic food
Habichuela (called ‘Abichuela’) are a ubiquitous stew dish served in the Dominican Republic. It is made of beans and tomatoes, which is added good aromas of herbes or spices. Onion is also used usually. This dish is quite similar with Arabic Fasoulya. Both of the words Habichuela and Fasoulya mean ‘beans’ as well.

Curried Lamb, Provision

Saint Lucia food
As a result of the colonization of Saint Lucia by Britain which had also occupied India, one of the main influences of the cuisine has been from Britain. Caribbean curry dish is the legacy of it, and has been major typical dish among Caribbean diet. Usually, rice or ‘Provision’ (a micxture of boiled potatoes or bananas) is accompanied as a hydrocarbonic source.

Gouda cheese

Sint Eustatius food
Sint Eustatius, a composition of The Netherlands Antilles, is a pretty and tiny island in the Caribbean sea. A legacy of the Netherlands has been cheese, which the Stacia people often enjoy in their diet. Gouda, which the Dutch boasts, is quite popular.


Jamaica food
Nearly all food of Jamaican traditional cuisine would be done with thyme, a sort of herb. Cooking rice, knedding bread dough or simmering hearty soup… it is heavily employed indeed. Dry or semi-dry thyme seem to be preffered.

Taro, banana, plantain

Guadeloupe food
The word ‘creole’ refers to people of mixed race, for example in Carribean, of African slaves and colonists. Boiled taro, bananas or plantain are staple in creole cuisine.


Grenada food
Southern Caribbean countries, a British overseas territory, are influenced by Indian cuisine. Their speciality is Roti. It is made of a thin dough and is filled with potatoes, curry, meat and/or vegetable.