United States of America foodAmerican peoples said to me “go to Macdonald” as a reply for my question “I’d like to eat something American”. In conclusion, burgers seem to be one of basic food culture in USA. We can eat not only Humbergs but also something else (ham, bacon, chicken, and so on ) with banz bread.


United States of America food
It is so called “california roll”, Nori(see weeds sheet) is inside, Sushi rice and sesami are surface. In real way, we Japanese NEVER make such a sushi. However, it seems to be very popular in USA. Avocado, flesh tuna, cream cheese, and so on, It has far different flavor from Japanese real sushi.

Steak Caesar

United States of America food
In 1924, those who seek to drink alcohol had get out to Mexico, then had eaten Caesar Salad in Caesars hotel. This is a lettuce salad with Palmesan cheese, garlic oil, dressing with egg, and cubed-pan fritter. I ate “Steak Caesar”, it is with beef steak on the salad. Very American!!

Tex-Mex cuisine

United States of America food
As young country, (appx 200-year-old), They don't have own traditional cuisine in USA. Their traditional is influenced by other countries, e.g. Mexico. This is “Chips and Nachos”, it is spicy tomate sauce.