Perro Caliente

Venezuela food
Literally, “Perro” and “Caliente” are the word for “hot” and “dog”. Hot dogs are also popular in Latin America include Venezuela. Cooked sausage is usually served in a long roll.


Guatemala food
Hilacha, which means thread, is Guatemalan slow cooked stew made with shredded beef and vegetables. It is commonly prepared with tomato sauce.


Guyana food
Roti is extremely a thin flat bread and usually served folded like a handkerchief. The roti is commonly serve with a spicy curry on the side as dipping sauce.


Bolivia food
Thimpu is a somewhat spicy lamb stew with yellow sauce and potatoes. In Bolivia, Aji amarillo (Aji means chili pepper and “amarillo” means yellow) gives a yellow color.

Cau Cau

Peru food
Cau Cau is a traditional Peruvian dish that is most commonly served along side rice. Strips of pre-cooked tripe are cooked together with onions, yellow Peruvian chilies (aji amarillo), garlic and chunks of potatoes.

Cow Heel Soup

Trinidad Tobago food
Cow Heel Soup is a soup made with leg of cow from hoof to knee. It is a traditional soup found in the Caribbean, mainly Trinidad and Tobago. It contains cow heel, onion, dumpling, plantain and beans.


Venezuela food
Arepas are delicious corn griddle cakes popular in Colombia and Venezuela. These simple, satisfying corn cakes are delicious with butter or cream cheese for breakfast, or as an accompaniment to any meal.


El Salvador food
Curtido refers to often fermented (or marinated with vinegar) vegetable dish usually made with cabbage and carrot. As a garnish to various meal in the past the most common is Crutido. It is usually free condiment on the table.


Paraguay food
The most-well known beverage that Paraguayan consume is Mate. To prepare it, place the yerba in a cup, then pour hot water and drink through a straw (bombilla). Terere is similar to mate but prepared with cold water.

Goat water

Saint Christopher Nevis food
In some caribbean country, goat meat holds a privileged place in the national diet and is the base of the traditional stew “goat water”, the national dish. The ingredients besides meat include onion, brown seasoning, thyme, clove, dumpling, and others.


Panama food
Guacho (pron: Wah-chow), one of the most representative dish of Panama, is a rice porridge almost like a Italiano risotto and a Chinese congee. This is a classic Panamanian dish include Darién region and usually cooked for holidays, lent and festivals. Guacho is enjoyed in both restaurants and family. Here I post “Guacho de mariscos” (Seafood Guacho) which is very popular in Panama.

Trucha, Papa, Chuño

Peru food
While Ceviche (marinated raw seafood) is the best known Peruvian fish dish, there are lots of another fish dishes such as Trucha (English:Trout) and Pejerrey. You can expect to find a fried or baked fresh water fish. Here I post a dish include baked Trucha, boiled potatoes(Papa) and freeze-dried potato(Chuño).


Trinidad Tobago food
Carib Lager is a product from the Carib Brewery in Trinidad, as the brewing technique in Trinidad was inherited from the British. An advertising slogan in Trinidad is that “A beer is a Carib”.

Tap water

Aruba food
Tap water is safe to drink in Aruba. Salty sea water is desalinated to produce fresh water by industrial method. Someone would say it’s the best tasting tap water in the world.


Trinidad Tobago food
The Trini specialize in a number of meals based on the combination of spices. “Doubles” which consists of two fried “baras” (flat fluffy dumplings) and curried channa (chickpeas) is yummy street food.


Trinidad Tobago food
The word “Roti” usually refers to an unleavened bread of the type made in/around India. Torinidadians seem to have learned to make Roti from immigrants of India. This unleavened bread is like a more fluffy tortilla, often wrapped around a filling of curried meat or vegetables. Here I post “Roti shrimp”.

Gastronomía de Japón

Paraguay food
Gastronomía de Japón, Japanese cuisine, which include ingredients such as rice, soy sauce, miso (red bean paste), as well as its indigenous rice wine sake have taken hold and become widespread as a popular style. Here I post “Sukiyaki” which is very famous Japanese traditional beef pot with soy sauce.


Chile food
One of examples of Chilean cuisine in general include Charquicán, a Chilean dried beef stew. Although Charqui or Charque is a main ingredient traditionally, today fresh grind beef or horse meat can be also used. It seems easy to prepare with a lot of ingredients such as potato, onion, corn, green leaf, bean or pumpkin.

Allulla, Manjar

Chile food
Allulla (Hallulla), a semi-hard round bread, is pronounced “ayuya”. In Chile, it is most commonly eaten as or with breakfast. So much fun to eat it with Manjar (pronouced “manhar”) which is Chilean caramel toast topping. Manjar is also known as “dulce de leche” in Argentine.


Ecuador food
Popcorn is a typical accompaniment and often consumed with main dish in the region such as Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The ecuadorian spanish name for popcorn is “Canguil”.