нон(Non), чой(Choy)

Tajikistan food
Flat bread, called нон(Non) locally, and чой(Choy) are considered a part of the traditional welcome in Tajikistan. нон(Non) is the cornerstone of the Tajik diet and is typically consumed at every meal.

Шашлик (Shashlik)

Uzbekistan food
Шашлик (Shashlik), a skewed and grilled meat, is very popular dish throughout the former Soviet Union include Uzbekistan. It is possible to use any kind of meat for this cooking, but in such a area they use lamb or beef traditionally. The flavor of the food relies on the quality and freshness of the ingredients rather than on spices. It is often served with sliced onion and vinegar (уксус, uksus).

Манти (Manti)

Uzbekistan food
Манти (Manti) are a type of Asian dumplings filled with meat or vegetable. In Uzbekistan, they are usually served with a dipping sauce of Katik (yogurt, sour cream).


Uzbekistan food
Чалоп(Chalop) is a cold yoghurt (somewhat like ayran in Turkey) – based Uzbek dish. When you make it you can also add some herbs and vegetables. May be you’ll like this variant better.

пой(Pai), чургот(Chulgot)

People in Eurasia continental have created the culture of dairy product in long history. One of the example is Soured milk, such as yoghurt or kefir, which is called ‘Pai'(пой) in Pamir language or ‘Chulgot'(чургот) in Tajik language. This is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk after memoving butter.


Kazakhstan food
Kvass is a local carbonated drink made with rye malt. It is similar to the Kvass elsewhere in/around the Soviet Union areas. The Kvass in the present day tends to be produced with artificial sugar and flavor. Now I show a picture of Kvass with a flavor of wildberry.