Rice and Curry

Sri lanka food
“Rice and Curry” are the staple food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan food is generally spicy. A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a “main curry” (fish, chicken or meat) as well as several other curries made with vegetable and lentils. Side-dishes include pickles, chutneys and sambols which can sometimes be fiery hot.

Biryani, Raita

India food
Biryani (also spelled as Briyani) is a kind of rice dish which is highly flavored with spices. Variations in the preparation of Biryani result a spectrum of tastes. It is often eaten as is or with Raita, the famous Indian yogurt with shredded vegetables condiment.


Maldives food
Fish is a main item in food of Maldives. In the islands fish such as tuna plays most important role for Maldivian’s diet. Gulha is fried pastry ball made from smoked fish, onion and grated coconut, and enclosed in a flour dough. It is served at small cafe (locally known as ‘hotaa’) and some shops as take-away food items.

Chicken Butter Masala

India food
An authentic delicious food. The ‘Masala’ means gravy sauce even it is generic term just for a spice or spices. Butter, cream and nuts paste give rich and thick taste. It is seasoned but neither too spicy nor too bland. Many Indian restaurants in Japan, Europa and other region lately feature this dish.