Nasi campur

Malaysia food
Nasi campur is a plate of rice topped with a stunning variety of different side dishes at cheap prices. Indonesia has since expanded the popularity of the dish, with stalls dedicated solely to producing a customized Nasi Campur for each customer. The term “nasi” translated as “rice”, while “campur” —pronounced cham-poor— means “to mix”.

Mee goreng

Mee goreng literally means ‘Noodle fry’. It is one of most popualr food in Malay-related countries. It is made of yellow thick noodle, meat, seafood or vegetable with Chinese dark soy sauce. Shrimp is typical ingredient traditionally and pork meat is prefferd particularly by Chinese and non-muslim inhabitants. It is spelt Mee/mi goreng in Malaysia, and mie/mi goreng in Indonesia.

Nasi Lemak

Malaysia food
Rice cooked with coconut milk for traditional Malay dishes is called Nasi Lemak. It usually comes as an assortment with cucumber slices, Ikan Bilis (tiny dried anchovy), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot chili ‘Sambal’. In Malaysia, the meal taken as the cheapest choice include Nasi Lemak. Bunkus (take away) is also popular.