Mami, Lomi

Philippines food
Love noodles? Philippine Mami and Lomi are yummy soupy noodles prepared with local vegetables. Lomi is made with viscous soup although Mami is with clear broth. Those might have been influenced by Chinese culinary method.


Philippines food
Ampalaya is the word for bitter melon. It has always been a summer vegetable that has been added to fry dishes. As Philippne climate is always hot, so that people enjoy it all around the year. Well, here I post a fantastic fry dish with bitter melon and egg, tasted by salt and ajinomoto.


Philippines food
This is quite a refreshing and ubiqitous table-condiment in Philippines. Chilli pepper, ginger, black pepper, garlic or other spices are soaked in white vinegar. The flavor is quite awesome!! Suka is the term for vinegar in Tagalog.


Philippines food
If you love Philippine food, then you might wanna make Pinakbet, go shopping for getting Bagoon (fermented shrimp paste) first. To sautee vegetables in a pan/wok is an easy, healthy and delicious way to simplify meals. Beside Bagoon, green beans, pumpkin, onion, pork meat, eggplant, etc are most popular ingredientes for making Pinakbet. Eat it with plain rice, enjoy!!

Mee goreng

Mee goreng literally means ‘Noodle fry’. It is one of most popualr food in Malay-related countries. It is made of yellow thick noodle, meat, seafood or vegetable with Chinese dark soy sauce. Shrimp is typical ingredient traditionally and pork meat is prefferd particularly by Chinese and non-muslim inhabitants. It is spelt Mee/mi goreng in Malaysia, and mie/mi goreng in Indonesia.

Chilli crab

Singapore food
Chilli crab might be considered as the award of seafood dish of cuisines in Singapore, and consists of deep-fried mud crabs in savoury and spicy gravy. It has been referred to be created in 1950 by a Singaporean chef.

Nasi Lemak

Malaysia food
Rice cooked with coconut milk for traditional Malay dishes is called Nasi Lemak. It usually comes as an assortment with cucumber slices, Ikan Bilis (tiny dried anchovy), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot chili ‘Sambal’. In Malaysia, the meal taken as the cheapest choice include Nasi Lemak. Bunkus (take away) is also popular.

Prahoc ប្រហុក, Prahoc jien

The most notable ingredient in Cambodia/Khmer cuisine is Prahoc ប្រហុក, a fermented fish paste with strong flavor. ‘Prahoc jien’ is a fried dish cooked with Prahoc as jien is the word for such a way of cooking. Here I post a fried pork with egg and Prahoc. I really love such a fermented flavor.


Cocos food
Cocos, an Australian territory, depends numerous amount of foods on its host country. Roll is prepared with meat or sausage, enclosed in a thin dough about 15 cm across and baked. It is one of tne common choice because it is also popular food in Australia.