Lebanon food
Meghle(Meghli) is an authentic and traditional Lebanese rice pudding made from rice flour, sugar and cinnamon. It is served on special occasions such as a birth of baby.

חומוס, حمص (Hummus)

Israel and Palestina food
As chickpeas were one of the earliest crops cutivated in Mesootamia and were a common dish in ancient era.
חומוס (in hebrew) or حمص (in Arabic) is a dish made from chick pea with tahini (sesami paste) and sometimes garlic and lemon juice. It is often slathered in olive oil and sometimes sprinked with other ingredients such as paprika, mushrooms and onion.


Iran food
“Beryan”, an Esfahan delicacy in Iran, is prepared on flat bread, with a layer of sauteed minced lamb meat on one part, and coarsely crushed nut and walnut in between. It is often sprinkled with lemon juice.

Gahwa (قهوة)

United Arab Emirates food
Gahwa (قهوة) is a national beverage in UAE. Arabic coffee is similar to Turkish coffee but the former is spiced with cardamon and is usually unsweetened. It is common for Emirates hosts to serve gahwa to their guests.

ბადრიჯანი (Badrijani)

Georgia food
Georgian cuisine is both unique and rich. Badrijani is extremely tasty dish whici is eggplant rolls with walnuts paste. The paste is thick and usually flavored with coliander and onion.

סביח (Sabikh)

Israel and Palestina food
Sabikh is very popular Israeli sandwich bought by descent Iraqi in Israel. The pita sandwich stuffed with fried eggplant, hummus (chickpea paste), vegetables and various other things. On the Sabbath(Shabbat), when no cooking is allowed, Iraqi Jews ate a cold meal of precooked fried eggplant, cooked potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. Even today this is traditionally acceptable to eat in the morning on Saturday and evening on Saturday. Sabikh first sold in Israel in 1961.


Azerbaijan food
The picture here is Baliq (fish) which is prepared in the way of simple fry. The Caspian Sea, the largest enclosed body of water on earth, is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) and is bounded to the west by Azerbaijan, that is why some part of the source of Azerbaijani life is fish.

Basturma բաստուրմա

Armenia food
Basturma (բաստուրմա) is a cured meat prepared from beef. Layed of spices give it a bit of a spicy kick. The origin is Armenia and it is widespread to surrounding countries (c.f. Pastrami in Europa).


Azerbaijan food
Donar (means “rotating (grilled meat)”) is popular take-away item in Azerbaijan, which is equevalent to döner kebap in Turkey. It is called nomadic dish originating from the Turkish, also known as Gyros in Greece or Shawarma in Arabic countries. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, it can be served as a bread sandwich with vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, onion, etc.


Azerbaijan food
Although these succulent dumplings reffer to be originated in China, Azerbaijani Perimeni resembles ones in Russia and its surrounding countries. Small dumpling made with thin-skin, chopped lumb meat and some herbs. Fresh sour cream is frequently topped.

Mandi مندي

United Arab Emirates food
UAE foods reflect the influence of surrounding areas, such as the Yemeni influenced Mandi (مندي). That’s popular food in Arabian peninsula as well. Its oridin is considered as Hadhramaut as native and many other Yemeni cities. It’s lovable recipe with chicken or lamb, rice ,carrots and spices.

Chai çay

Turkey food
Chai (çay) is a Turkish tea which has distinctive smell that makes everyone relax. Turkish tea is usually served in fascinating glass ware with sugar but not milk.


Azerbaijan food
Azerbaijani people enjoy a lot of bread called Chorek. It is so important that its word refrects ‘food’ or ‘meal’ as well. It is Uzbek, Tajik or Uygur-like round flat bread and about 3cm thick.


Iran food
Somaq(Sumac) is table garnishment especially for kabab. It is a powder made from small fruit of genus Rhus and related genera. It’s the sour powder and Iranian culinary essential.

حمص (Hummus)

Jordan food
Hummus is one of most typical food in meddle eastern countries. Boiled chickpea is made to smooth paste and then mixed with Tahini (sesami paste) and lemon juice (occasionaly with garlic). It is like a “not cold ice cream” that’s why it is incredible smoothy!

Mansaf, Levan

Jordan food
Mansaf is one of most important Jordan’s traditional food. Big cooked meat is put on the rice. I ate “Mansaf bi rafme”(bi rafme means with meat), very tenderized meat and soft rice with safran color. We can put Levan (yogurt with boiled soup) on it.


Jordan food
Fasuria means a kind of beans. This one is a soup with the beans, mutton meat and tomatoes.

Falafel sand

Jordan food
Falafel (fried mashed beans with spicy taste) and vegetables are often rolled with Khobz with hommos paste (chick pea with sesami paste). It is very nice and common snacks.