Pīrādziņi Speķa

Latvia food
“Pīrādziņi Speķa” literally means “mini bacon patties” in Latvian. These small bacon and onion pies are a Latvian both festive and common staple.

Шкембе чорба

Bulgaria food
Шкембе чорба (Shkembe chorba) Bulgarian delicious and nutritious tripe soup prepared in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey and Iran. Shekam is the Persian word for stomach. Make sure you put a mixture of mashed garlic and vinegar called “Чесън” (chesyn). It is a traditional accompaniment for the soup.

Les Fondues au Fromage

Switzerland food
Les Fondues au Fromage (in French language), so called ‘Cheese fondue’ globally, is one of typical delicacy in Switzerland. Switzerland might produce much abundant daily product such as various cheese. Swiss people have at least 2 types of Fondue, one include melted cheese like this picture and the other include hot oil so called ‘Oil fondue’.


Finland food
Many Finnish gather around their barbecue hut and enjoy grilled sausages, Nakki or Makkara. Nakki is much smaller then Makkara.


Spain food
The Spanish paprika peppers are called pimiento. This kind of peppers (Capsicum annuum) are sweet, none are hot. Here I post a slow-roasted or steamed piment which has Jjust the right amount of sweet and very tender.


Iceland food
Iceland is renowned for its high quality pure nature water, as it is known for the great glacier.
it is bottled at the source from spring in Iceland.


Moldova food
Ciorbă is one of the most popular soup in either Romania and Moldova. Moldovan cuisine has evolved over the centuries to become very eclectic due to its history.

Лапша (Lapsha)

Moldova food
Лапша (Lapsha) is handmade Noodles which was adopted by Russians from Tatars. The noodles are cooked with butter, sour cream, onion or soup base.


Monaco food
One of the world’s first major casinos is situated on the Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. “Casino” is also the name of the supermarket in Monaco.

Ice cream

Monaco food
Enjoy a cool treat from ice cream parlours! There are plenty of pretty awesome ice cream parlours in Monaco.

Fish and Chips

Gibraltar food
The Fish and Chips became so common that it came to be considered one of the national cuisine in Gibraltar. The best recipe goes with crispy golden batter. it is served with vinegar.


Greenland food
The traditional Inuit diets include Seal fat. Fat is very high in calorie.


Greenland food
The traditional Inuit diets include Seal fat. Fat is very high in calorie.


Greece food
Retsina is a unique wine product made almost exclusively in Greece. It is a pine resin–flavoured wine.


Iceland food
Caviar, “Kaviar” in Icelandic language, is distributed as a gourmet foods in the world. Iceland is the world’s largest harvester of capelin and capelin roe.

Shetland Salmon

United Kingdom food
Shetland in UK is a fishing nation with a long tradition. “Shetland Salmon” has become a familiar delicacy in many countries.


Norway food
Dried and salted cod, “klippfisk” in Norwegian language, is probably one of the most traditional food in Norway. There is even a Klippfisk museum in Norway.


Denmark food
Sild is Danish pickled herring which is marinaded blend of fresh dill, vinegar, and spices. It goes very well with Danish rye bread or strong spirits like “Aquavit”.

Bohemia sekt

Czech food
Bohemia sekt is the largest producer of sparkling wine in the Czech Republic. It is made to a traditional method of bottle fermentation.