Pīrādziņi Speķa

Latvia food
“Pīrādziņi Speķa” literally means “mini bacon patties” in Latvian. These small bacon and onion pies are a Latvian both festive and common staple.

Шкембе чорба

Bulgaria food
Шкембе чорба (Shkembe chorba) Bulgarian delicious and nutritious tripe soup prepared in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey and Iran. Shekam is the Persian word for stomach. Make sure you put a mixture of mashed garlic and vinegar called “Чесън” (chesyn). It is a traditional accompaniment for the soup.


Moldova food
Ciorbă is one of the most popular soup in either Romania and Moldova. Moldovan cuisine has evolved over the centuries to become very eclectic due to its history.

Лапша (Lapsha)

Moldova food
Лапша (Lapsha) is handmade Noodles which was adopted by Russians from Tatars. The noodles are cooked with butter, sour cream, onion or soup base.


Bulgaria food
Bulgarians love yogurt, and Таратор (tarator) is the traditional Bulgarian cold cucumber soup made with yogurt, dill, and garlic creating a refreshing soup for warm summer days.


Bosnia&Herzegovina food
Ćevapčići is definitely the one that will be on the top of the national cuisine in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is an increasingly popular Balkan sausage made without casing. Ground beef, lamb, pork or any combination of those meats might be used. Spices such as cumin and pepper will enhance the flavor.

бефстроганов (Beef Stroganoff)

Russia food
бефстроганов(Beef Stroganoff) was invented by a chef working for a Russian general, Count Pavel Stroganov, in the 1890s. It is a one of the Russian national dish which includes sautéed pieces of beef and served in a sauce with smetana or sour cream.

Пирожок (Pirozhok)

Russia food
Pirozhki(plural) or Pirozhok(singular) are individual-sized baked pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings. Common fillings include mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, and browned ground beef.


Bosnia&Herzegovina food
Salma has many varieties in Eastern Europe, but the one posted here is my experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was simple cabbage rolls which are stuffed with ground meat, onion, and rice.

Блины (Blini)

Russia food
Blini is a Orthodox feast celebrated on Eastern Slavic religious holiday called “Maslenitsa”. Traditionally it is a day when people eat big amounts of this flat pancakes.

Salata din ciuperci mar cu ceapa

Moldova food
As the territory of Moldova is densely forested, usage of various mushrooms are also widespread. This salad recipe is most joyous healthy. It was minimally seasoned with oil, salt and vinegar.

Винегрет (Vinegret)

Russia food
This salad is called “Vinegret” and is extremely traditional in the Russian cuisine. This is both healthy and good any time of the year. Beetroots, the cornerstone of the Russian diet, makes a truly wonderful combination of vibrant colors. Other ingredients include pickled cucumber, potato, beans and green leaves.

Draniki драники

Belarus food
Potatoes play a major role in the cuisines of Belarus. драники(Draniki), potato pancakes in English, would be a traditional and most famous national dish in Belarus. This potato pancakes are usually served with smetana (sour cream). I’ve had it with ikra (fish roe).


Moldova food
Varenyky (spelled Вареники) is very popular Moldovan dish, the stuffing for these shells is so varied that recipes get evolved according to the taste palates. Various ingredients such as meat, fruits, potatoes, vegetables can be wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough.


Poland food
A national dish in Poland. Various types of Pierogi are sold and can be traced back to China. This type of dumpling is very similar to Pelmeni and vareniki. Here I post the picture of “Pierogi z Miesem” which is made of dumpling skin and meat.

Żywiec z Sokiem

Poland food
There are 70 breweries in Poland include Żywiec. In pubs beer is often served with raspberry or blackcurrant juice (sokiem) and drunk using a straw. Beer and syrup should taste better!‎


Poland food
Bigos is a traditional Polish stew using kapsta (polish sauerkraut, fermented cabbage). Many authentic recipe include tomato, Kielbasa (polish traditional sausage) and meat as main ingredients. Bigos might resemble to Russian Shchi.