Bosnia&Herzegovina food
Ćevapčići is definitely the one that will be on the top of the national cuisine in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is an increasingly popular Balkan sausage made without casing. Ground beef, lamb, pork or any combination of those meats might be used. Spices such as cumin and pepper will enhance the flavor.


Bosnia&Herzegovina food
Salma has many varieties in Eastern Europe, but the one posted here is my experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was simple cabbage rolls which are stuffed with ground meat, onion, and rice.


Bosnia&Herzegovina food
This is must-to-eat in Bosnia&Herzegovina because it is very very popular food in and around this country. Put stuffs on pie dough sheet and rolled. And then rolled like convolution. Heat and bake from upper and lower heater (or traditional coal fire). I ate 4 kind of stuff – sauteed grained meat, potato with black pepper taste, white cheese, spinach sautee.

Bosanski lonac [Bosanski Lonats]

Bosnia&Herzegovina food
“Lonac” is one of most famous native fare and is well simmered in the pot. “Bosanski” means “in Bosnia” (same relationship as “Japanese”, “Chinese” and so on). It includes diced beef, cabbage, carrot, whole black pepper, potato, onion and tomato. It has ingredients at home. Yes you know it must be delicious.

Bosanska kahva

Bosnia-Herzegovina food
Bosanska kahva [pron: Bosanska Kahwa] literaly means “Bosnian coffee”. Put the fine grained coffee powder and water into a special pot with a long handle, then heat the brew to frothing. Pour it immediately to each cup, then put sugar if you would like sweety one.