Poland food
A national dish in Poland. Various types of Pierogi are sold and can be traced back to China. This type of dumpling is very similar to Pelmeni and vareniki. Here I post the picture of “Pierogi z Miesem” which is made of dumpling skin and meat.

Żywiec z Sokiem

Poland food
There are 70 breweries in Poland include Żywiec. In pubs beer is often served with raspberry or blackcurrant juice (sokiem) and drunk using a straw. Beer and syrup should taste better!‎


Poland food
Bigos is a traditional Polish stew using kapsta (polish sauerkraut, fermented cabbage). Many authentic recipe include tomato, Kielbasa (polish traditional sausage) and meat as main ingredients. Bigos might resemble to Russian Shchi.


Poland food
Kiszka (literaly meaning “intestine”) is a kind of black pudding made of blood and the meat of organ combined with oats. There are different ways that Kiszka is prepared, including spices added to the sausage, such as paprika. Here I put the picture of “Kiszka Ziemn” (Ziemn would be translated to “rustic”). It was savory, tender and tasty indeed!

Kapusta Kiszona

Poland foodKapsta=Cabbage, Kiszona=Pickled. It is considered as same as Sauercraut which is made by a process of pickling called lacto-fermentation. The process gives the cabbage a distinct sour flavor, which is where it gets the name Kapusta Kiszona.