Norway food
Dried and salted cod, “klippfisk” in Norwegian language, is probably one of the most traditional food in Norway. There is even a Klippfisk museum in Norway.

Norway Salmon

Norway food
It's essential to eat in Norway! We recommend to go to the fish market because seller will cut for you. Hand cut is more tasty than automaticaly cut one.


Norway food
Left: Bringebaer[Bringebar], so called Rasberry.
Right:Blabaer[Brober], so called Blueberry.
Plenty highlands in Norway provide fresh berries. We can also see plenty of berry's artifacts in supermarket.


Norway food
Upper:Sardiner i Oliveolje[Sardina i Oliven oliya], Sardin in Olive oil.
Lower:Sardiner i Tomatsaus[Sardina i Tomato seus]. Sardin in Tomato sause.
Both are good for bread.

LAPSKAUS [Lapskeus]

Norway food
It is traditional soup in Norway. Beef simmerd to be tender, to be like a filament! It also contains carrots, potatoe. Although we tried canned food, it has rich taste!


Norway food
They provide plenty shrimp in fridge. It is cheaper than grained meat or potatoes!! Yes, Norway is famous as fishery country!


Norway food
Fresh sardin is put in vinegar with onion slice and whole blach peppers, it is just Norway's traditional food. It is one of X'mas item in Norway. Sur means sour, sild means fish.