Norway food
Fresh sardin is put in vinegar with onion slice and whole blach peppers, it is just Norway's traditional food. It is one of X'mas item in Norway. Sur means sour, sild means fish.


Svalbard food
Pronunciation is like “Lapskois”, it is traditional food around Norway and Sweden, include Svalbard region. Principal material is potato. It is simmered to much tender with diced beef, carrots and sausages.


Svalbard food
Svalbard is the most arctic country. Yes of course fish is important food for citizens. “SEIFILET FERSK” can be translated to “Fish Fillet Fresh” in English.


Aland food
Cheese is Ost in Svenska(Swedish language), official language in Åland islands. Cheese is one of common Åland’s own dairy food and There are lovely and award-winning cheese from ÅCA company. Note that my friend who lives in Finland told me: “Å is the “Swedish O” as we say in Finland. :)”

Ålandskt Svartbrod

Aland Food
Oh! It's expensive! 5 euros! but it is available allwhere in Åland even in small shops. It is Åland's typical bread. It doesn't contain wheat flour and it takes some days to make it. it's the reason why expensive. It has brown-sugar taste and high density. It's my favorite.