Spain food
The Spanish paprika peppers are called pimiento. This kind of peppers (Capsicum annuum) are sweet, none are hot. Here I post a slow-roasted or steamed piment which has Jjust the right amount of sweet and very tender.


Monaco food
One of the world’s first major casinos is situated on the Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. “Casino” is also the name of the supermarket in Monaco.

Ice cream

Monaco food
Enjoy a cool treat from ice cream parlours! There are plenty of pretty awesome ice cream parlours in Monaco.

Fish and Chips

Gibraltar food
The Fish and Chips became so common that it came to be considered one of the national cuisine in Gibraltar. The best recipe goes with crispy golden batter. it is served with vinegar.


Greece food
Retsina is a unique wine product made almost exclusively in Greece. It is a pine resin–flavoured wine.


Greece food
Ouzo, Greece’s most popular drink, is a clear, colorless, unsweetened anise-flavored distilled alcoholic drink. Ouzo is traditionally mixed with water, becoming cloudy white, and served with ice cubes in a glass.


Greece food
Μελιτζανοσαλάτα (Melitsanosalata) is a popular Greek dish of eggplant mashed and mixed with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. It is one of the classic meze plates. It is healthy, delicious, and easy to make.


Spain food
Natilla is custard-like dessert from Catalana, Spain. It is rich and creamy egg custard made without the crispy sugar topping.

Hígado con cebolla

Andorra food
“Hígado” is a Spanish word for liver, and “cebolla” means onions. They are also a popular delicacy in Andorra. Sliced liver is cooked in oil with a generous quantity of fried or caramelized onions. They might taste so much better when homemade.

Tortilla de patatas

Andorra food
Andorran cuisine reflects Andora’s position between Spain and France. In particular, Spanish food might play more important role in the Andorran meal. The Andorran also serve Spanish tortilla, a potato-and-egg thick omelette.


Italy food
A cappuccino is a beverage producing a harmonious balance of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. It is popular across the world while it is known for the classic Italian.


Cyprus food
While Tzatziki is the best known in Greece, Cypriot also love the food. Tzatziki is a creamy yogurt dip that’s flavored with cucumber and garlic. Herbs such as dill, mint or parley may also be added.

Arroz de pato

Portugal food
This Portuguese dish is one of traditional rice recipe, the rice is cooked up in a pot with some savory ingredientes such as Chorizo, shredded duck, carrot and cheese as chef’s choice. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it?


Portugal food
Fantastic Cheeses at Fantastic Prices, it’s not just that I like cheese, it is worth a visit for the wonderful cheeses that they produce in Portugal.


Portugal food
Migas, a Spanish (but also a Portuguese) word for bread crambs, is popular dish that is made with left-over bread, olive oil, sausage (here I post Portuguese smoke sausage called Farinheira), garlic, herbs, chili and other ingredientes as one like. Everything is fried in one pan. Full of flavor.


Portugal food
You can’t ever talk about Portuguese food without mentioning Seafood. Dourada is popular fish caught along the Mediterranean coast. Baked dourada (it would be called “Dourada assada”) is authentic Portuguese recipe.

Bolo de arroz

Portugal food
“Bolo de arroz” which is commonly known as Portuguese traditional delicacy is not what we would call “rice”. Main ingredients include rice flour, sugar, baking soda and egg. It is quite soft and delicious.

Kebab (Kebap), Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι)

Cyprus food
Kebab (Kebap in Turkish) or Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι in Greek) is a skewered grilled meat which can be traced back to Turkish cuisine. Since the original cypriot inhabitants refer to be a blend of Turkish, such a typical Turkish cuisine might also be their important diet. Today there are numerous Greeks live in South part of Cyprus, a name Soublaki (literally means ‘skewered’) is also used usually.

Taramosalata (Ταραμοσαλάτα)

Cyprus food
Taramo (Ταραμο) means fish roe in Greek language. The cooking technique and melting texture would remind anybody to mayonnaise. For preparation, fish roe, bread, onion, oil and lemon juice is blended and whisked like mayonnaise. It is also well known in Greece and Turkey. Taramosalata is eaten as an appetizer dip and a part of meze compositoin.


San Marino food
Lasagna is an Italian pasta dish oven-cooked by alternating layers of lasagna sheets (flat pasta), cheese and bolognese sauce (meat and tomato) in a casserole. The name lasagna refers to be originally derived from the pot that was used to cook the dish. As San Marino is enclosed within Italy and located near Emilia-Romagna region (birthplace of borognese!), the middle part of Italian meal is pretty common.