Cyprus food
While Tzatziki is the best known in Greece, Cypriot also love the food. Tzatziki is a creamy yogurt dip that’s flavored with cucumber and garlic. Herbs such as dill, mint or parley may also be added.

Kebab (Kebap), Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι)

Cyprus food
Kebab (Kebap in Turkish) or Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι in Greek) is a skewered grilled meat which can be traced back to Turkish cuisine. Since the original cypriot inhabitants refer to be a blend of Turkish, such a typical Turkish cuisine might also be their important diet. Today there are numerous Greeks live in South part of Cyprus, a name Soublaki (literally means ‘skewered’) is also used usually.

Taramosalata (Ταραμοσαλάτα)

Cyprus food
Taramo (Ταραμο) means fish roe in Greek language. The cooking technique and melting texture would remind anybody to mayonnaise. For preparation, fish roe, bread, onion, oil and lemon juice is blended and whisked like mayonnaise. It is also well known in Greece and Turkey. Taramosalata is eaten as an appetizer dip and a part of meze compositoin.

Halloumi χαλούμι

Cyorus food
Halloumi χαλούμι is the fantastic Cypriot gift to the world. A national cheese that has elastic texture is made from milk of goat, sheep or their mixture. Grilled-Halloumi is so awesome, often served to incorporate with much more delicious taste.

Halloumi Cheese

Cyprus food
This cheese is origened in Cyprus and loved in wide areas in middle east. Ingredients are goat milk or Sheep milk (use solo or mix). It doesn't melt on the heated pan, so that you will find good taste when you eat grilled Halloumi (6 to 7 mm slice).


Cyprus food
Greek people has been living in Cyprus. Therefore olive is wide available in Cyprus. They has various color and shape.