Giros (γύρος)

Greece food
Giros (Greek:γύρος) is a kind of fast food that is sometimes eaten while standing in the street. The name Giros literaly means ‘turn’ in Greek, that’s why its meat is sliced like Shawarma in Israel or Doner kebab in Turkey and so on. Giros meat is stuffed into pita (flat bread) with tzaziki (strained yoghurt with garlic flavor), vegetable salad and fried potato.

Halloumi χαλούμι

Cyorus food
Halloumi χαλούμι is the fantastic Cypriot gift to the world. A national cheese that has elastic texture is made from milk of goat, sheep or their mixture. Grilled-Halloumi is so awesome, often served to incorporate with much more delicious taste.

Halloumi Cheese

Cyprus food
This cheese is origened in Cyprus and loved in wide areas in middle east. Ingredients are goat milk or Sheep milk (use solo or mix). It doesn't melt on the heated pan, so that you will find good taste when you eat grilled Halloumi (6 to 7 mm slice).


Cyprus food
Greek people has been living in Cyprus. Therefore olive is wide available in Cyprus. They has various color and shape.

Paella Mixta

Spain food
Prounciation is PA in papaia, E in end, Ja in Japan. It is the rice which is cooked in a thin pan. Rabit or Chicken meat is used in the original paella, and Fish paella is also popular in Spain. Crispy surface and vapor inside, so good!

Tortillitas camarone

Spain food
Spanish Tortilla is 3-5 cm height omrettes. However, tortillitas is fried food (like Japanese Tempura). Camarone means shrimp, so that this is fry with small shrimp and green leaves. Such fry dish is rare in Europe, it is seen in Portgal, Spain or Japan.