Les Fondues au Fromage

Switzerland food
Les Fondues au Fromage (in French language), so called ‘Cheese fondue’ globally, is one of typical delicacy in Switzerland. Switzerland might produce much abundant daily product such as various cheese. Swiss people have at least 2 types of Fondue, one include melted cheese like this picture and the other include hot oil so called ‘Oil fondue’.

Shetland Salmon

United Kingdom food
Shetland in UK is a fishing nation with a long tradition. “Shetland Salmon” has become a familiar delicacy in many countries.


Guernsey Food
The best places to eat seafood in Europe include Guernsey. It is the most of one of the island’s best ingredients.


Ireland food
I Love Baileys Irish Cream. It is an iconic blend of fresh cream and Irish Whiskey.


Ireland food
The traditional hard drink is whiskey (Whisky in UK, Whiskey in IR). Irish whiskey is one of the world’s great styles of whiskey. The color of the whisky when you see it in the bottle (and the glass) is a result of the good maturation process.


Luxembourg food
Chocolate pralines are complex food products that contain a soft filling surrounded by a chocolate shell. Luxembourg produces such a delicious chocolates as well as Bergium.


Luxembourg food
Erdbeer is the word for Strawberry in German (which is one of the official language in Luxenbourg). As this country is famed for its high quality, there are a wide variety of desserts including cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies and puddings. Various fruits are also commonly found in dessert courses.


Luxembourg food
“Wrust” is the term for german sausage. Luxgrillwrust is a kind of sandwich prepared with a grilled sausage on white bread.

Ice cream

Jersey food
Some of what are considered ‘Jersey cuisine’ are made from dairy products. Yes, Jersey is quite well known for its flesh milk. Rich and delicious ice cream is widely available as one of typical food of Jersey.


Netherlands food
For its past, Netherlands had ruled Indonesia that have influenced the types of food the Dutch ate. Mie is noodle generally, and one of main staple in Indonesia. Usually hot chili is accompanied.


Ireland food
An iconic Irish beverage is Guiness, the world famous dry stout. It is made from four ingredients -water, barley, hops and yeast-. Creamy and fine form on the bitter base, we can enjoy such a beautiful layer. Drinking of it with friends or family is often a daily tradition.

Beef & Pie

United Kingdom food
UK is “beefeater” country, so that some guidebook says we must have roastbeaf. However, We can see lots of stew-like beef food in UK. Today I had a simmered beef in beer. Tasty or not? I can't say about it :( because it was not positively tasty one. Garnished pie and mashed potato has no savory.


France food
It's a popular beer in Ftance. It has real tasty. When someone wants neighbor to drink it, someone reccommends “Tu veux une Kro? Tu veux une Kro?”[Tubunko Tubunko] in France. I like this phrase, too!


France food
Cod, shrimp, mussels, potatoes and tomatoes combine with garlic flavored mayonnaise and herbs. This gorgeous dish to send you immediately into Province mode.

Foie Gras

France food
Foie Gras is fatty liver of goose. Nobody dougt it has taste of luxury. Upper image is awesome antipasto (Foie Gras in dates and rolled by goose thin meat), Lower image is Foir Gras tender steak!

huitre (Oyster)

France food
Oyster in France is sooooo good! We should say excellent!! Of course it must fit to Japanese :) It is not available all the year. It is served in and around winter season.