Pitcairn food
Pie is indispensable food in the UK related countries. From chicken pie to meat pie, there’s a pie to suit many tastes.

Fish and Chips

New Zealand food
The Fish and Chips became so common that it came to be considered one of the national cuisine in New Zealand. The best recipe goes with crispy golden batter. it is served with vinegar.

Soup meat

Vanuatu food
The cuisine of Vanuatu include beef in many occasion. One of the factors that influences the evolution of food is Chinese ingredients such as soy sauce. “Soup meat” is a dish like Chop suey (Chinese influenced fried meat and vegetable) that cooked a little bit soupy.

Lamb meat

New Zealand food
Lamb is a staple in cuisines throughout New Zealand as well as beef. NZ has become one of the largest exporters of lamb-based meat products.

Kentucky, Kenitaki

Tonga food
Even though Kentucky is not exist in Tonga, Tongan call fried chikens as “Kentucky” or “Kenitaki” in Tongan.

Yaqona, Kava

Fiji food
Kava, also known by its Fijian name Yaqona (pron: Yang-gona), is an indigenous plant that has been long used by Pacific Island cultures for its pleasant relaxation effect.


Norfolk food
Pilhi is a kind of baked cakes made from bananas. Since the majority of Pitcairn descendants live in Norfolk Island, their traditional foods include pilhi.


Tokelau food
Lu is a kind of leafy vegetables in Tokelau. They has the spiral end of the edge and they taste somewhat similar to asparagus-okra-spinach.


American Samoa food
Places to eat in American Samoa include McDonald’s which keeps so much familiar to with local Polynesian people.

Green-lipped mussel

New Zealand food
It’s well known in New Zealand that green-lipped mussels(Perna canalicula, it has dark brown/green shells with green lips around the edges) have health benefits, and they taste good as they are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids.


Vanuatu food
Bunya is the way for cooking in an earth oven with hot rocks. A fire is made and stones are placed in the fire. The meal (pork, chicken, taro, bananas etc) and coconut milk are wrapped with banana leaf and placed on well established embers and hot stones, then slow cooked for hours.


Vanuatu food
At the markets in Vanuatu, you will also find local food “Tuluk”. It is traditional Vanuatu food consisting of tapioca (also called cassaba or manioc) dough with shredded pork-filling inside. It is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.


Cook food
Taro root, which is the thick, tuber stalk of the taro plant is an extremely important part of diets in Cook islands. The color is purple, gray or white.

Indo-Fijian cuisine

Fiji food
Indentured Indian workers brought their food and cooking methos with them to Fiji in 19th century. Today, about half of the population in Fiji is Indo-Fijian. It means that Indian food is plentiful and popular. Delicious Curries, Dhal, Chutney, Samosa, Puri and Roti are also popular.


Niue food
The word “ika” means “fish”. It also can be found at festivals and events.


Tokelau food
Ota, marinated raw fish is the national dish of polynesian countries include Tokelau. Although the important ingredients are raw fish, lemon juice and coconut cream/milk, this Tokelauan version also contained cucumber and onion but didn’t contain lemon juice. I didn’t find lemon tree there.


Tokelau food
Pua’a is the word for pork in Tokelauan language. I had this delicious and super-tender pork roast.

Sausage flour

Papua New Guinea food
This Sausage flour is one of popular delicacy in PNG. Sausage is placed in center of dough and fold bread dough around sausage to completely enclose, then baked in the oven until done.