Rice and Peas

Anguilla food
Rice and peas is a popular dish in Caribbean countries include Anguilla. It is very flavorful of coconut milk, herbs and garlic, and it is very nutritious.


DR Congo food
Palm oil is important local oil used for cooking and frying. In certain stews, it is the preferred oil for preparing it. Magagi (also Maharage) is the correct word for “black beans” that is one of the most common food in DR Congo prepared in such a way.


Chile food
One of examples of Chilean cuisine in general include Charquicán, a Chilean dried beef stew. Although Charqui or Charque is a main ingredient traditionally, today fresh grind beef or horse meat can be also used. It seems easy to prepare with a lot of ingredients such as potato, onion, corn, green leaf, bean or pumpkin.

Foul فول

Sudan food
Foul فول (sometimes spelt ful) is the Arabic word for fava beans or broad beans and Sudanese culinary essentials. Sudanese love their Foul so much! No matter where you are in the country, you’ll find come across someone boiling beans in metal pot. It is usually served with flavourful peanut oil and decorated with grained white cheese and chopped tomatoes.


Dominican Republic food
Habichuela (called ‘Abichuela’) are a ubiquitous stew dish served in the Dominican Republic. It is made of beans and tomatoes, which is added good aromas of herbes or spices. Onion is also used usually. This dish is quite similar with Arabic Fasoulya. Both of the words Habichuela and Fasoulya mean ‘beans’ as well.

Beed بيضة

Yemen food
Beed بيضة (pron. beeD, beeDa) is the Arabic word for egg. Egg plate like this is often served as a breakfast. It’s made with egg, tomato, beans and onion, cooked in a frying pan. It goes very well with Khobz!! (flat bread traditional).