Sopa de feijão

Mozambique food
Sopa de feijão, literally means “Beans soup”, is a delicious and nutritious dish, usually made with beans, onion, tomato and short pasta. It is a local example of a traditional Portuguese soup, very well known in the Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. Portugal has a strong tradition in preparing and enjoying soups.

Cow Heel Soup

Trinidad Tobago food
Cow Heel Soup is a soup made with leg of cow from hoof to knee. It is a traditional soup found in the Caribbean, mainly Trinidad and Tobago. It contains cow heel, onion, dumpling, plantain and beans.


Gambia food
Accara is common street food which is crispy black-eyed-bean fritter(s). It is similar to the Accara elsewhere in West Africa, and has much in common with Tamaya in Egypt and Farafel in Syria.


Peru food
Pachamanca is that traditional dish of Peru cooked in the earthen oven known as a huatia. It is often served in official and public events. among Peruvians, serving Pachamanca is a gesture of hospitality. Typical ingredients include Cuy(guinea pig), chicken, pork, yuca(cassava), maize, potatoes, beans.

Rice and Peas

Jamaica food
Jamaican creole cuisine is a compote of African, British, Spanish and American taste. Rice cooked with beans(peas) is the national dish. Additional ingredients include salt, garlic, coconut milk, thyme, onion, etc. Many dishes served with Rice and Peas in Jamaica.


Sao Tome and Principe food
A red rice dish containing savory oils and tomato, and sometimes beans and onion, is similar to Jollof rice in West Africa or Rice and Peas in Caribbean countires. It would be also often eaten at home as well as market place. So, one can say this dish is either very common and very popular in Sao Tome and Principe.

Arroz congris or Arroz moro

This is a popular caribbean one pot meal which is also called ‘Rice and peas’ or ‘Peas and rice’ in English spoken caribbean countries. Cuban make the excellent version of this using red or black pea, well seasoned by garlic. Although ‘Arroz congris’ means ‘red beans with rice’ and ‘Arroz moro’ does ‘black beans with rice’ literally, now even Cuban do not make a sharp distinction between them.

Foul فول

Yemen food
Foul فول (sometimes spelt ful) is the Arabic word for fava beans or broad beans and Yemeni culinary essentials. A thick soup made of such a beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and some spices is also called ‘Foul’. It is known as the core culinary for Yemeni people. One of the most perfect Middle Eastern breakfasts there is! thanks!