Żywiec z Sokiem

Poland food
There are 70 breweries in Poland include Żywiec. In pubs beer is often served with raspberry or blackcurrant juice (sokiem) and drunk using a straw. Beer and syrup should taste better!‎

La Béninoise

Benin food
“La Béninoise” is real national alcoholic beverage in Benin, and this is what the refers to. It is Pale Lager with blond color and with small white head. I wasn’t expecting such a lightness so that it is good item to drink by a hot Beninese day.


Ireland food
An iconic Irish beverage is Guiness, the world famous dry stout. It is made from four ingredients -water, barley, hops and yeast-. Creamy and fine form on the bitter base, we can enjoy such a beautiful layer. Drinking of it with friends or family is often a daily tradition.