Les Fondues au Fromage

Switzerland food
Les Fondues au Fromage (in French language), so called ‘Cheese fondue’ globally, is one of typical delicacy in Switzerland. Switzerland might produce much abundant daily product such as various cheese. Swiss people have at least 2 types of Fondue, one include melted cheese like this picture and the other include hot oil so called ‘Oil fondue’.

Perro Caliente

Venezuela food
Literally, “Perro” and “Caliente” are the word for “hot” and “dog”. Hot dogs are also popular in Latin America include Venezuela. Cooked sausage is usually served in a long roll.


Iran food
“Beryan”, an Esfahan delicacy in Iran, is prepared on flat bread, with a layer of sauteed minced lamb meat on one part, and coarsely crushed nut and walnut in between. It is often sprinkled with lemon juice.

Eish, Bolti

Sudan food
As the country has a huge waterways of Niles, fleshwater fish plays a part of the diet of Sudanese, in particular around the coastal areas. Bolti, an Arabic word for Tilapias, is frequently served as fried dish and accompanied by flad bread called Eish.


Portugal food
Migas, a Spanish (but also a Portuguese) word for bread crambs, is popular dish that is made with left-over bread, olive oil, sausage (here I post Portuguese smoke sausage called Farinheira), garlic, herbs, chili and other ingredientes as one like. Everything is fried in one pan. Full of flavor.


Azerbaijan food
Donar (means “rotating (grilled meat)”) is popular take-away item in Azerbaijan, which is equevalent to döner kebap in Turkey. It is called nomadic dish originating from the Turkish, also known as Gyros in Greece or Shawarma in Arabic countries. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, it can be served as a bread sandwich with vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, onion, etc.

Giros (γύρος)

Greece food
Giros (Greek:γύρος) is a kind of fast food that is sometimes eaten while standing in the street. The name Giros literaly means ‘turn’ in Greek, that’s why its meat is sliced like Shawarma in Israel or Doner kebab in Turkey and so on. Giros meat is stuffed into pita (flat bread) with tzaziki (strained yoghurt with garlic flavor), vegetable salad and fried potato.