Пирожок (Pirozhok)

Russia food
Pirozhki(plural) or Pirozhok(singular) are individual-sized baked pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings. Common fillings include mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, and browned ground beef.

Хуушуур (Khuushuur)

Mongolia food
Khuushuur (spelled Хуушуур, pronounced ho-sho-r) is delicious deep-fried pastry stuffed with minced mutton meat related to both Russian Chibreki and Chinese Jiaozi. To place a filling in the middle, then fold the dough over to create half-moon or full-moon shape. Today some Mongolians use vegetables such as carrot, onion and cabbage.


Poland food
Bigos is a traditional Polish stew using kapsta (polish sauerkraut, fermented cabbage). Many authentic recipe include tomato, Kielbasa (polish traditional sausage) and meat as main ingredients. Bigos might resemble to Russian Shchi.

Kapusta Kiszona

Poland foodKapsta=Cabbage, Kiszona=Pickled. It is considered as same as Sauercraut which is made by a process of pickling called lacto-fermentation. The process gives the cabbage a distinct sour flavor, which is where it gets the name Kapusta Kiszona.

Kislo zelje in repa

Slovenia food
Kislo zelje, literaly means ‘sour cabbage’, is a traditional staple as ‘Slovenian Sauerkraut’. Here I post ‘Kislo zelje in repa’ which is a delicacy made of soured/fermented cabagge and turnip (in=and, repa=turnips). It is often acommpanied with meat dish as it adds nice aroma and taste to the food.