Morocco food
“Tajine” is a sort of stew from Morocco and is both the name of the dish and of the particularly shaped pot. Essentially, a Tajine is a stew that can feature any number of vegetables with an any meat that is slowly cooked in a sauce. Popular ingredients include chicken, mutton, chickpea, carrot, onion and olives.

Cà ri

Vietnam food
“Cà ri” is the Vietnamese term for curry stew. Vietnam has a long history of trading with India dating back to the second century. Indian spices and curries may have been in Vietnam since then. Here I post “Cà ri gà” (literally “Curry chicken”), a popular version of Vietnamese curry made with chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes in a coconut milk sauce and mix of savory spices.


Lesotho food
The word “Chakalaka” is translated from the Zulu word which means “all together”. Chakalaka is a simple and spicy dish of onion, tomatoe and hard vegetables such as carrot and green beans. It is typically seasoned with curry powder.


El Salvador food
Curtido refers to often fermented (or marinated with vinegar) vegetable dish usually made with cabbage and carrot. As a garnish to various meal in the past the most common is Crutido. It is usually free condiment on the table.

Хуушуур (Khuushuur)

Mongolia food
Khuushuur (spelled Хуушуур, pronounced ho-sho-r) is delicious deep-fried pastry stuffed with minced mutton meat related to both Russian Chibreki and Chinese Jiaozi. To place a filling in the middle, then fold the dough over to create half-moon or full-moon shape. Today some Mongolians use vegetables such as carrot, onion and cabbage.

Arroz de pato

Portugal food
This Portuguese dish is one of traditional rice recipe, the rice is cooked up in a pot with some savory ingredientes such as Chorizo, shredded duck, carrot and cheese as chef’s choice. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Mandi مندي

United Arab Emirates food
UAE foods reflect the influence of surrounding areas, such as the Yemeni influenced Mandi (مندي). That’s popular food in Arabian peninsula as well. Its oridin is considered as Hadhramaut as native and many other Yemeni cities. It’s lovable recipe with chicken or lamb, rice ,carrots and spices.