Vanuatu food
At the markets in Vanuatu, you will also find local food “Tuluk”. It is traditional Vanuatu food consisting of tapioca (also called cassaba or manioc) dough with shredded pork-filling inside. It is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.


Samoa food
This Tapioca root is a well known crop that is recognized by several names in the various regions where it is consumed. It is known as Yuca in Latin America, Manioc in French-speaking Africa, Cassava in English-speaking region, and Maniota in Samoa.


Mozambique food
What maize beer in referred to in Southern part of Africa is “Maheu” usually. This is a common alcoholic drink which is thick, creamy and slightly gritty with a naturally sour taste. Here I post cassava-based Maheu.


Peru food
Pachamanca is that traditional dish of Peru cooked in the earthen oven known as a huatia. It is often served in official and public events. among Peruvians, serving Pachamanca is a gesture of hospitality. Typical ingredients include Cuy(guinea pig), chicken, pork, yuca(cassava), maize, potatoes, beans.


Ivory coast food
Plakali or Placali is a traditional Ivorian starchy and sticky food made from cassava that are steamed and pounded. Plakali sometimes tastes sour since Cassava root is fermented bofore cooking.


Ivory Coast food
Attiéké is an exclusive healthy and delicious cassava couscous. This wonderful national dish eaten in Ivory Coast is not traditional food but today it is spreading out to surrounded countries such as Guinea. Attiéké is made from cassava root with processing of fermentation. It is often accompanied with tomato, onion, fried fish and pili-pili (chilli sauce).