Les Fondues au Fromage

Switzerland food
Les Fondues au Fromage (in French language), so called ‘Cheese fondue’ globally, is one of typical delicacy in Switzerland. Switzerland might produce much abundant daily product such as various cheese. Swiss people have at least 2 types of Fondue, one include melted cheese like this picture and the other include hot oil so called ‘Oil fondue’.


Slovenia food
Burek is a family of baked or fried filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo. It is very popular in the cuisines of former Yugoslavian republics. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and is typically filled with from meat(burek sirni) and cheese(burek mesni).

Pulyka cordon bleu

Hungary food
To make traditional cordon bleu, prosciutto (or other ham) and cheese should be layered in between thin slices of poultry meat then fried. It is similar to the Serbian (Zagreb) schnitzel. Here I post “Pulyka (wild turkey) cordon bleu”.


Macau food
“焗” is the term for “doria” which is roasted pilaf with béchamel, tomato sauce or cheese. It is a popular Macanese dish. On the other hand, “猪扒飯” means “pork kotlet on the rice”.


Portugal food
Fantastic Cheeses at Fantastic Prices, it’s not just that I like cheese, it is worth a visit for the wonderful cheeses that they produce in Portugal.


Albania food
Byrek (pron: boo-rek), the famous street side snack in Balkan area, is a baked pastry with a savory filling. The skin is very flakey flour daugh (called “fillo dough”), and the filling usually include white cheese, spinach or minced meat.

Foul فول

Sudan food
Foul فول (sometimes spelt ful) is the Arabic word for fava beans or broad beans and Sudanese culinary essentials. Sudanese love their Foul so much! No matter where you are in the country, you’ll find come across someone boiling beans in metal pot. It is usually served with flavourful peanut oil and decorated with grained white cheese and chopped tomatoes.

Gouda cheese

Sint Eustatius food
Sint Eustatius, a composition of The Netherlands Antilles, is a pretty and tiny island in the Caribbean sea. A legacy of the Netherlands has been cheese, which the Stacia people often enjoy in their diet. Gouda, which the Dutch boasts, is quite popular.


San Marino food
Lasagna is an Italian pasta dish oven-cooked by alternating layers of lasagna sheets (flat pasta), cheese and bolognese sauce (meat and tomato) in a casserole. The name lasagna refers to be originally derived from the pot that was used to cook the dish. As San Marino is enclosed within Italy and located near Emilia-Romagna region (birthplace of borognese!), the middle part of Italian meal is pretty common.

Halloumi χαλούμι

Cyorus food
Halloumi χαλούμι is the fantastic Cypriot gift to the world. A national cheese that has elastic texture is made from milk of goat, sheep or their mixture. Grilled-Halloumi is so awesome, often served to incorporate with much more delicious taste.


Aland food
Cheese is Ost in Svenska(Swedish language), official language in Åland islands. Cheese is one of common Åland’s own dairy food and There are lovely and award-winning cheese from ÅCA company. Note that my friend who lives in Finland told me: “Å is the “Swedish O” as we say in Finland. :)”