Somalia food
Shigni is a nice hot sauce that is usually eaten with rice, bread or spaghetti. It is made from a blend of green chili, tomatoes and coriander leaves soured with lemon juice and tamarind.


Trinidad Tobago food
Pelau is a one-pot dish consisting of rice, onions, chili pepper, meat or chicken, peas. They are all cooked with coconut milk and herbs. The process of browning the meat in sugar for pelau refers to a African tradition.

Cau Cau

Peru food
Cau Cau is a traditional Peruvian dish that is most commonly served along side rice. Strips of pre-cooked tripe are cooked together with onions, yellow Peruvian chilies (aji amarillo), garlic and chunks of potatoes.

Salt fish fritters

Jamaica food
The Jamaican Salt Fish Fritters, a popular snack made of salted cod fish, flour, tomato, garlic, chili and onion, has been a popular dish also in Other Caribbean cuisines. This fish fritter can also be eaten as part of an island breakfast.


Portugal food
Migas, a Spanish (but also a Portuguese) word for bread crambs, is popular dish that is made with left-over bread, olive oil, sausage (here I post Portuguese smoke sausage called Farinheira), garlic, herbs, chili and other ingredientes as one like. Everything is fried in one pan. Full of flavor.


DR Congo food
Sombe (a word in Swahili, mainly Eastern part of DRC) is the dish of boiled and pounded cassava leaves, and has been eaten as their staple meal in DRC. It is prepared with green onion and pili pili (hot chili), or somebody put dried fish or meat as well. Since Sombe is widely popular among central or western Africa, also called for Saka-saka (western africa) or Mpondu (in Lingara) depends on tribes.


Netherlands food
For its past, Netherlands had ruled Indonesia that have influenced the types of food the Dutch ate. Mie is noodle generally, and one of main staple in Indonesia. Usually hot chili is accompanied.


Jordan food
Shatta means hot chili (ingredient) or hot chili sauce in Arabic word, it is often seen on the table in Jordanian restaurant. It is hot, savory and little bit salty, so that you can put it to any food as you like.

Zahaweg زحاوق (Zahaweg Askary)

Yemen food
Actually I put two posts of Zahaweg زحاوق here. One is Zahaweg Askary (pictured left), a condiments often served as an accompaniment to any meals, like Mexican salsa. It’s best not to define how to make, but it mostly include tomato, flesh herb, green chili and spices. I hope insha Allah appreciates you always.