Ivory Coast food
Attiéké is an exclusive healthy and delicious cassava couscous. This wonderful national dish eaten in Ivory Coast is not traditional food but today it is spreading out to surrounded countries such as Guinea. Attiéké is made from cassava root with processing of fermentation. It is often accompanied with tomato, onion, fried fish and pili-pili (chilli sauce).

Jollof rice, Jellof rice

Nigeria food
Jollof rice (also called as Jellof rice) is a very popular dish throughout the West Africa. It’s a spicy rice dish usually cooked with rice, tomato and oil with spicy condiment such as chilli and black pepper. Often served with meat or poultry.

Pepper soup, Pepe soup

Nigeria food
Pepper soup, also known as Pepe soup, is a hot chili soup which is found in Cameroon, Nigeria and widely in Africa. Nigerian recipe for a classic stew might contain catfish, tripe and various kind of meat. Tomato and hot chili actually do good job for the flavor. Its name sounds delicious already!


Philippines food
This is quite a refreshing and ubiqitous table-condiment in Philippines. Chilli pepper, ginger, black pepper, garlic or other spices are soaked in white vinegar. The flavor is quite awesome!! Suka is the term for vinegar in Tagalog.

Chilli crab

Singapore food
Chilli crab might be considered as the award of seafood dish of cuisines in Singapore, and consists of deep-fried mud crabs in savoury and spicy gravy. It has been referred to be created in 1950 by a Singaporean chef.