Cà ri

Vietnam food
“Cà ri” is the Vietnamese term for curry stew. Vietnam has a long history of trading with India dating back to the second century. Indian spices and curries may have been in Vietnam since then. Here I post “Cà ri gà” (literally “Curry chicken”), a popular version of Vietnamese curry made with chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes in a coconut milk sauce and mix of savory spices.


Vanuatu food
Bunya is the way for cooking in an earth oven with hot rocks. A fire is made and stones are placed in the fire. The meal (pork, chicken, taro, bananas etc) and coconut milk are wrapped with banana leaf and placed on well established embers and hot stones, then slow cooked for hours.


Trinidad Tobago food
Pelau is a one-pot dish consisting of rice, onions, chili pepper, meat or chicken, peas. They are all cooked with coconut milk and herbs. The process of browning the meat in sugar for pelau refers to a African tradition.


Tokelau food
Ota, marinated raw fish is the national dish of polynesian countries include Tokelau. Although the important ingredients are raw fish, lemon juice and coconut cream/milk, this Tokelauan version also contained cucumber and onion but didn’t contain lemon juice. I didn’t find lemon tree there.

Rice and Peas

Jamaica food
Jamaican creole cuisine is a compote of African, British, Spanish and American taste. Rice cooked with beans(peas) is the national dish. Additional ingredients include salt, garlic, coconut milk, thyme, onion, etc. Many dishes served with Rice and Peas in Jamaica.

Stew Chicken

Belize food
Belizian refers to eat much chicken than other diet of the animals. Stew chicken is considered Belizian national dish which contains, along with chicken, spices, tomato, oil and coconut milk in their traditional way. The oyster sauce used might be Chinese influenced and also popular dish.

Nasi Lemak

Malaysia food
Rice cooked with coconut milk for traditional Malay dishes is called Nasi Lemak. It usually comes as an assortment with cucumber slices, Ikan Bilis (tiny dried anchovy), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot chili ‘Sambal’. In Malaysia, the meal taken as the cheapest choice include Nasi Lemak. Bunkus (take away) is also popular.