Guatemala food
Tostada literally translates to “toasted” in Spanish, but can refer to any dish that’s made with a fried tortilla as a base. Crispy fried corn tortilla is topped with refried beans, grated cheese, chopped avocado and tomato, sliced lettuce, chomin(Chinese influenced fried noodle) and salsa.


Guatemala food
Tortillas are main staple foods In Guatemala. it is made with a careful process of patting and turning the dough by hand into a disc. Here I post two colors of maize dough for making tortillas; white and black(blue) maize.


Nigeria food
Masa is small pancake-like bread made of rice/corn flour and yeast, baked with griddle made of clay or iron with half-spherical molds. Masa is often seen in Northern Nigeria, Hausa region. A woman who sells this classic bun says “This is an African bread!”.