Tanzania food
Sorghum, maize and millet are produced in large quantities in Africa and has found use in composite flours as well as in various traditional foods such as “Uji”, a gruel/porridge cooked from flour, peanut powder, sugar, and water.

Corn soup

Trinidad Tobago food
It would be delightful recipe for a soup person. This Corn soup is a traditional and classic soup made of sweetcorn, split peas and potatoes in stock. Split peas make the soup thicker. This is served as either family and festive dish.


Chile food
One of examples of Chilean cuisine in general include Charquicán, a Chilean dried beef stew. Although Charqui or Charque is a main ingredient traditionally, today fresh grind beef or horse meat can be also used. It seems easy to prepare with a lot of ingredients such as potato, onion, corn, green leaf, bean or pumpkin.


Ecuador food
Popcorn is a typical accompaniment and often consumed with main dish in the region such as Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The ecuadorian spanish name for popcorn is “Canguil”.