Curried Lamb, Provision

Saint Lucia food
As a result of the colonization of Saint Lucia by Britain which had also occupied India, one of the main influences of the cuisine has been from Britain. Caribbean curry dish is the legacy of it, and has been major typical dish among Caribbean diet. Usually, rice or ‘Provision’ (a micxture of boiled potatoes or bananas) is accompanied as a hydrocarbonic source.

Chicken Butter Masala

India food
An authentic delicious food. The ‘Masala’ means gravy sauce even it is generic term just for a spice or spices. Butter, cream and nuts paste give rich and thick taste. It is seasoned but neither too spicy nor too bland. Many Indian restaurants in Japan, Europa and other region lately feature this dish.


Grenada food
Southern Caribbean countries, a British overseas territory, are influenced by Indian cuisine. Their speciality is Roti. It is made of a thin dough and is filled with potatoes, curry, meat and/or vegetable.