Albania food
Byrek (pron: boo-rek), the famous street side snack in Balkan area, is a baked pastry with a savory filling. The skin is very flakey flour daugh (called “fillo dough”), and the filling usually include white cheese, spinach or minced meat.

Andazi, Mandazi

Tanzania food
Andazi(Mandazi) is the term for doughnut (deep-fried patisry) in Kiswahili language. Andazi is singular while Mandazi is plural. It is very popular delicacy enjoyed in Kanzania and other countries nearby, and goes well with tea or coffee. The basic ingredients are simple, mixing flour, sugar and eggs.


Iceland food
It is a traditional pastry prepared in Iceland. Flour dough is twisted into a baby shape, then deep fried. Sometimes sprinkled with sugar.


Kenya food
Samosa is a small, usually trianglar fried pasty which mostly include potatoes, onions and/or meats. It is commonly eaten in wide areas in the world, from Africa to Uyghur (China).


Cocos food
Cocos, an Australian territory, depends numerous amount of foods on its host country. Roll is prepared with meat or sausage, enclosed in a thin dough about 15 cm across and baked. It is one of tne common choice because it is also popular food in Australia.


Grenada food
Southern Caribbean countries, a British overseas territory, are influenced by Indian cuisine. Their speciality is Roti. It is made of a thin dough and is filled with potatoes, curry, meat and/or vegetable.

Khobz خب

Yemen food
Khobz خب is an everyday flat bread which consumed throughout in Yemen. Yemeni khobz that is very wide (sometimes over 50cm across!) might be distinct from many other Middle Eastern countries.