Morocco food
Harira is a soup from the Maghreb region of North Africa that is especially popular as an iftar (fast-breaking) meal during Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting). It is made of lentils, chickpeas, noodles, egg, turmeric powder and more. This fragrant Moroccan soup will warm your stomach and soul.

Chapati ma beida

South Sudan food
“ma beida” is arabic word which literally means “with egg”. Chapati is popular thin flat unleavened bread in eastern Africa. This is a dish made by rolling lightly cooked egg (like omelet) with Chapati.


Spain food
Natilla is custard-like dessert from Catalana, Spain. It is rich and creamy egg custard made without the crispy sugar topping.

Tortilla de patatas

Andorra food
Andorran cuisine reflects Andora’s position between Spain and France. In particular, Spanish food might play more important role in the Andorran meal. The Andorran also serve Spanish tortilla, a potato-and-egg thick omelette.

Tortang Talong

Philippines food
I love Tortang Talong. It is Eggplant Omlette which is one of most popular delicacy in Philippines. It consists of full-baked eggplant (outer skin is removed) and egg, sometimes onion or minced meat. Enjoy a yammy omlette for your breakfast and begin your day with energy.


Philippines food
Ampalaya is the word for bitter melon. It has always been a summer vegetable that has been added to fry dishes. As Philippne climate is always hot, so that people enjoy it all around the year. Well, here I post a fantastic fry dish with bitter melon and egg, tasted by salt and ajinomoto.


Finland food
This is traditional Finnish dish, and ‘Karjalanpiirakka literaly means ‘Karelian pasty’. Skin is made from rye flour, and its most popular filling is cooked rice. It is often topped with mashed hard boiled egg with butter, called Munavoi.

Knedlihky (Knedlíky)

Czech food
Knedlíky are one of the main staple of Czech cuisine and are quite often served with Czech meals. It is boiled (not baked) dumpling made from flour, sometimes with mashed potato, milk, yeast and eggs, and boiled long time (around half an hour) after kned. Here I post a kind of Knedlíky’s variation, like French toast style.

Prahoc ប្រហុក, Prahoc jien

The most notable ingredient in Cambodia/Khmer cuisine is Prahoc ប្រហុក, a fermented fish paste with strong flavor. ‘Prahoc jien’ is a fried dish cooked with Prahoc as jien is the word for such a way of cooking. Here I post a fried pork with egg and Prahoc. I really love such a fermented flavor.

Beed بيضة

Yemen food
Beed بيضة (pron. beeD, beeDa) is the Arabic word for egg. Egg plate like this is often served as a breakfast. It’s made with egg, tomato, beans and onion, cooked in a frying pan. It goes very well with Khobz!! (flat bread traditional).