Fish and Chips

New Zealand food
The Fish and Chips became so common that it came to be considered one of the national cuisine in New Zealand. The best recipe goes with crispy golden batter. it is served with vinegar.


Niue food
The word “ika” means “fish”. It also can be found at festivals and events.


Indonesia food
The sea is the source for most food in Indonesia. Pallymara is good choice to cook for someone who is always looking for a different kind of seafood soup to try. The soup is flavored with spices and soured by lemon juice or tamarind paste.

Fish and Chips

Australia food
The Fish and Chips became so common that it came to be considered the core of the national cuisine in Australia. The best recipe goes with crispy golden batter. it is frequently served with lemon wedges and malt vinegar.

Eish, Bolti

Sudan food
As the country has a huge waterways of Niles, fleshwater fish plays a part of the diet of Sudanese, in particular around the coastal areas. Bolti, an Arabic word for Tilapias, is frequently served as fried dish and accompanied by flad bread called Eish.

Chupe de pescado

Peru food
Chupe, which is nourishing soup or stew usually thickened by potatoes or rice, is enjoyed throughout South America include Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. Thanks to its long coast line in Peru, Sea food is often made into Chupe. Here I post “Chupe de pescado” (Chupe with fish). “Chupe de camarones” (Chupe with shrimp) is another well-known dish.


Azerbaijan food
The picture here is Baliq (fish) which is prepared in the way of simple fry. The Caspian Sea, the largest enclosed body of water on earth, is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) and is bounded to the west by Azerbaijan, that is why some part of the source of Azerbaijani life is fish.


Ivory Coast food
Attiéké is an exclusive healthy and delicious cassava couscous. This wonderful national dish eaten in Ivory Coast is not traditional food but today it is spreading out to surrounded countries such as Guinea. Attiéké is made from cassava root with processing of fermentation. It is often accompanied with tomato, onion, fried fish and pili-pili (chilli sauce).


Philippines food
Nilaga means watery soup. This is a simple yet delicious bloth made with meat, fish or vegetables. Different from Sinigang, Nilaga is less/no sour.


Philippines food
Such fresh and rustic flavors. This is one of the most recognizable Filipino national dish and a wonderful soup dish with lots of local ingredientes include sourness. Put meat or fish, several kind of vegetables and something sour such as Tamalind, Calamansi, vinegar or instant Sinigang powder, then simmer. It might be everyday meal in Philippines.


Wallis and Futuna food
In Wallis and Futuna, fish(globally called ‘Ika’ in polynesian countries) is used heavily in various dishes. Sometimes dressed up with French cooking way, and sometimes eaten in polynesian traditional style. Pict is a grilled fish cooked by the latter way.

Samak سمك

Yemen food
Thanks to its long coastline, fisn (called Samak سمك ) is often consumed as well as chicken or lamb, in particular along the coastal areas. Here pict is tandoor (cray oven) baked fish. Some spices are sprinkled on surface and often served with sliced onion.