Chapati ma beida

South Sudan food
“ma beida” is arabic word which literally means “with egg”. Chapati is popular thin flat unleavened bread in eastern Africa. This is a dish made by rolling lightly cooked egg (like omelet) with Chapati.

Sausage flour

Papua New Guinea food
This Sausage flour is one of popular delicacy in PNG. Sausage is placed in center of dough and fold bread dough around sausage to completely enclose, then baked in the oven until done.

Пирожок (Pirozhok)

Russia food
Pirozhki(plural) or Pirozhok(singular) are individual-sized baked pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings. Common fillings include mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, and browned ground beef.


Slovenia food
Burek is a family of baked or fried filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo. It is very popular in the cuisines of former Yugoslavian republics. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and is typically filled with from meat(burek sirni) and cheese(burek mesni).


Tanzania food
A crispy thin dumpling encases a spicy mix of mashed potato and grind meat, which is then folded into triangle shape then deep-fried. It’s a fantastic light meal.

Блины (Blini)

Russia food
Blini is a Orthodox feast celebrated on Eastern Slavic religious holiday called “Maslenitsa”. Traditionally it is a day when people eat big amounts of this flat pancakes.


Trinidad Tobago food
The Trini specialize in a number of meals based on the combination of spices. “Doubles” which consists of two fried “baras” (flat fluffy dumplings) and curried channa (chickpeas) is yummy street food.

Allulla, Manjar

Chile food
Allulla (Hallulla), a semi-hard round bread, is pronounced “ayuya”. In Chile, it is most commonly eaten as or with breakfast. So much fun to eat it with Manjar (pronouced “manhar”) which is Chilean caramel toast topping. Manjar is also known as “dulce de leche” in Argentine.

Salt fish fritters

Jamaica food
The Jamaican Salt Fish Fritters, a popular snack made of salted cod fish, flour, tomato, garlic, chili and onion, has been a popular dish also in Other Caribbean cuisines. This fish fritter can also be eaten as part of an island breakfast.

Хуушуур (Khuushuur)

Mongolia food
Khuushuur (spelled Хуушуур, pronounced ho-sho-r) is delicious deep-fried pastry stuffed with minced mutton meat related to both Russian Chibreki and Chinese Jiaozi. To place a filling in the middle, then fold the dough over to create half-moon or full-moon shape. Today some Mongolians use vegetables such as carrot, onion and cabbage.


Moldova food
Varenyky (spelled Вареники) is very popular Moldovan dish, the stuffing for these shells is so varied that recipes get evolved according to the taste palates. Various ingredients such as meat, fruits, potatoes, vegetables can be wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough.


Poland food
A national dish in Poland. Various types of Pierogi are sold and can be traced back to China. This type of dumpling is very similar to Pelmeni and vareniki. Here I post the picture of “Pierogi z Miesem” which is made of dumpling skin and meat.


Albania food
Byrek (pron: boo-rek), the famous street side snack in Balkan area, is a baked pastry with a savory filling. The skin is very flakey flour daugh (called “fillo dough”), and the filling usually include white cheese, spinach or minced meat.


Azerbaijan food
Although these succulent dumplings reffer to be originated in China, Azerbaijani Perimeni resembles ones in Russia and its surrounding countries. Small dumpling made with thin-skin, chopped lumb meat and some herbs. Fresh sour cream is frequently topped.


Jamaica food
Jamaica offers a vast variety of dishes influenced by British. One of them, Patty is famous. It is made of minced meat, seafood or vegetables, formed triangle, rectangle or disk shapes by a bit spicy pie dough, and then fried. The surface crust is perfect and flaky.

Knedlihky (Knedlíky)

Czech food
Knedlíky are one of the main staple of Czech cuisine and are quite often served with Czech meals. It is boiled (not baked) dumpling made from flour, sometimes with mashed potato, milk, yeast and eggs, and boiled long time (around half an hour) after kned. Here I post a kind of Knedlíky’s variation, like French toast style.


Maldives food
Fish is a main item in food of Maldives. In the islands fish such as tuna plays most important role for Maldivian’s diet. Gulha is fried pastry ball made from smoked fish, onion and grated coconut, and enclosed in a flour dough. It is served at small cafe (locally known as ‘hotaa’) and some shops as take-away food items.


Iceland food
It is a traditional pastry prepared in Iceland. Flour dough is twisted into a baby shape, then deep fried. Sometimes sprinkled with sugar.


Greenland food
Danish is a type of baked and sweetened pastry that is common in Denmark and neighboring Scandinavian countires. As Greenland is Danish territory, such a pastry has become an example of the local diet, while it is unlike the local Inuit (also called Eskimo) cuisine.


Azerbaijan food
Azerbaijani people enjoy a lot of bread called Chorek. It is so important that its word refrects ‘food’ or ‘meal’ as well. It is Uzbek, Tajik or Uygur-like round flat bread and about 3cm thick.