Burkina faso food
Ginger beer both tastes good and is good for health. This beverage is usually made from fresh ginger and pineapple in a plastic bucket with a top and serve it at special occasions like weddings and parties. Although ginger in English is “Gingembre” in French, its pronunciation in Burkina faso was like “Gingem”.

Ginger beer

Jamaica food
Ginger beer is a very popular beverage in Jamaica. It is not a beer. It is made from boiled or extracted ginger juice from the root, aerated or regular tap water and sugar. Also common for Jamaicans to make at home.


Philippines food
This is quite a refreshing and ubiqitous table-condiment in Philippines. Chilli pepper, ginger, black pepper, garlic or other spices are soaked in white vinegar. The flavor is quite awesome!! Suka is the term for vinegar in Tagalog.