Lesotho food
The word “Chakalaka” is translated from the Zulu word which means “all together”. Chakalaka is a simple and spicy dish of onion, tomatoe and hard vegetables such as carrot and green beans. It is typically seasoned with curry powder.


Philippines food
Ginisa is also called as Guisa, Guisado, or Gisado which is one of typical Filipino stir fryed dish. This is a very simple Filipino vegetable dish and a common vegetable meal in every household. In this post, this dish is cooked with simply salt and pepper.


Philippines food
If you love Philippine food, then you might wanna make Pinakbet, go shopping for getting Bagoon (fermented shrimp paste) first. To sautee vegetables in a pan/wok is an easy, healthy and delicious way to simplify meals. Beside Bagoon, green beans, pumpkin, onion, pork meat, eggplant, etc are most popular ingredientes for making Pinakbet. Eat it with plain rice, enjoy!!