Lamb meat

New Zealand food
Lamb is a staple in cuisines throughout New Zealand as well as beef. NZ has become one of the largest exporters of lamb-based meat products.


Iran food
“Beryan”, an Esfahan delicacy in Iran, is prepared on flat bread, with a layer of sauteed minced lamb meat on one part, and coarsely crushed nut and walnut in between. It is often sprinkled with lemon juice.

Бууз (bohz)

Mongolia food
Бууз (pron. is like “bohz” since “у” in Mongolian is pronounced like “o” in “Korea” while “у” in Russian is pronounced like “oo” in “foot”) is the Mongolian national dish whici is a close relative of Chinese 烧卖 or 稍麦 (Shumai, Shaomai). It typically consists of a ground lamb/mutton meat wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of wheat dough, which is then sealed the edges together and steamed.

Шашлик (Shashlik)

Uzbekistan food
Шашлик (Shashlik), a skewed and grilled meat, is very popular dish throughout the former Soviet Union include Uzbekistan. It is possible to use any kind of meat for this cooking, but in such a area they use lamb or beef traditionally. The flavor of the food relies on the quality and freshness of the ingredients rather than on spices. It is often served with sliced onion and vinegar (уксус, uksus).


Iceland food
No one doubt the speciality of Icelandic culinary include lamb meat since there are huge number of sheep as both livestock and wildlife. Kótilettur is the word just for ‘chops’ in English, then usually means ‘Lamb chop’. Must eat.

Curried Lamb, Provision

Saint Lucia food
As a result of the colonization of Saint Lucia by Britain which had also occupied India, one of the main influences of the cuisine has been from Britain. Caribbean curry dish is the legacy of it, and has been major typical dish among Caribbean diet. Usually, rice or ‘Provision’ (a micxture of boiled potatoes or bananas) is accompanied as a hydrocarbonic source.