Tanzania food
Sorghum, maize and millet are produced in large quantities in Africa and has found use in composite flours as well as in various traditional foods such as “Uji”, a gruel/porridge cooked from flour, peanut powder, sugar, and water.


Mexico food
Mexican Tacos are great. There are countless tacos flavors and toppings from the basic simple salad to variety of meat, vegetable and cheese. The word “taco” describes a typical Mexican dish of a maize tortilla folded around food.


Peru food
Pachamanca is that traditional dish of Peru cooked in the earthen oven known as a huatia. It is often served in official and public events. among Peruvians, serving Pachamanca is a gesture of hospitality. Typical ingredients include Cuy(guinea pig), chicken, pork, yuca(cassava), maize, potatoes, beans.

Agidi, Eko, Kafa

Nigeria food
Nigerian have ‘cold-pudding’ as their another staple food such as Agidi(Ibo and Yala), Eko or Eko-tutu(Yoruba), or Kafa(Hausa). It is a pudding made from fermented maize flour or corn starch. It is often served with hot and spicy condiment.

Sadza, Muriwo, Nyama

Zimbabwe food
Sadza is the staple diet for most of Zinbabwean, which is made of white maize (Mealie-Meal) like pap in South Africa, Nsima in Malawi, etc. Normally it is accompanied by stew or vegetable relish in one plate. Muriwo is chopped and cooked African spinach meal. Nyama (or Inyama) means meat or stewed meat.