Philippines food
Ginisa is also called as Guisa, Guisado, or Gisado which is one of typical Filipino stir fryed dish. This is a very simple Filipino vegetable dish and a common vegetable meal in every household. In this post, this dish is cooked with simply salt and pepper.


Philippnes food
A traditional Filipino dish, with meat, potate and local vegetables, Kaldereta is a nutritious and flavorful main dish. This sauce is thick, gravy and zesty. It can also be eaten or served with plain rice. Liver paste and tomato (fresh, paste) is considered as an essential ingredientes for prepareing.


Philippines food
If you love Philippine food, then you might wanna make Pinakbet, go shopping for getting Bagoon (fermented shrimp paste) first. To sautee vegetables in a pan/wok is an easy, healthy and delicious way to simplify meals. Beside Bagoon, green beans, pumpkin, onion, pork meat, eggplant, etc are most popular ingredientes for making Pinakbet. Eat it with plain rice, enjoy!!


Sao Tome and Principe food
A red rice dish containing savory oils and tomato, and sometimes beans and onion, is similar to Jollof rice in West Africa or Rice and Peas in Caribbean countires. It would be also often eaten at home as well as market place. So, one can say this dish is either very common and very popular in Sao Tome and Principe.


Maldives food
Fish is a main item in food of Maldives. In the islands fish such as tuna plays most important role for Maldivian’s diet. Gulha is fried pastry ball made from smoked fish, onion and grated coconut, and enclosed in a flour dough. It is served at small cafe (locally known as ‘hotaa’) and some shops as take-away food items.

Kammonia كموني

Sudan food
Sudanese cooking is extremely both simple and tasty. When those whose taste runs to offal, Kammonia كموني may be the best choice. It is a kind of local stew made from the stomach (sometimes with liver) of sheep, tomato, onions, and some spices. Often served with Eish (Pita-like flat bread) or Kisra (Crepe or Injera-like flat bread). It’s my great favor, so that it was my everyday meal when I was in Sudan.


Kenya food
Samosa is a small, usually trianglar fried pasty which mostly include potatoes, onions and/or meats. It is commonly eaten in wide areas in the world, from Africa to Uyghur (China).

Foul فول

Yemen food
Foul فول (sometimes spelt ful) is the Arabic word for fava beans or broad beans and Yemeni culinary essentials. A thick soup made of such a beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and some spices is also called ‘Foul’. It is known as the core culinary for Yemeni people. One of the most perfect Middle Eastern breakfasts there is! thanks!

Beed بيضة

Yemen food
Beed بيضة (pron. beeD, beeDa) is the Arabic word for egg. Egg plate like this is often served as a breakfast. It’s made with egg, tomato, beans and onion, cooked in a frying pan. It goes very well with Khobz!! (flat bread traditional).

Saltah سلتة

Yemen food
Yemen’s most famous dish is considered to be Saltah سلتة (also spelt Salta), and Yemeni lunch often consists of it. Ingredients are minced meat and vegetable (eggplant, tomato, okra or onion is mainly used, like Ratatouille in France), and cooked with heat on high, then finally Fenugreek (leaf) puree is topped on. Anyway, a similar dish with much more meat is called ‘Fahsah’.