Poland food
Kiszka (literaly meaning “intestine”) is a kind of black pudding made of blood and the meat of organ combined with oats. There are different ways that Kiszka is prepared, including spices added to the sausage, such as paprika. Here I put the picture of “Kiszka Ziemn” (Ziemn would be translated to “rustic”). It was savory, tender and tasty indeed!

Injera (እንጀራ), Hemuswas (ሕሙስዋስ)

Eritrea food
Traditional meal in Eritrea is often piled on and served with Injera, which is fermented crepe-like flat bread made from Tef flour. Hemuswas is sauteed mixed meat (particularly used organ site such as liver and kidney) with tomato-paste. Scoop or grab sauce or meat with the injera by using fingers on your right hand.