Vanuatu food
Bunya is the way for cooking in an earth oven with hot rocks. A fire is made and stones are placed in the fire. The meal (pork, chicken, taro, bananas etc) and coconut milk are wrapped with banana leaf and placed on well established embers and hot stones, then slow cooked for hours.


Vanuatu food
At the markets in Vanuatu, you will also find local food “Tuluk”. It is traditional Vanuatu food consisting of tapioca (also called cassaba or manioc) dough with shredded pork-filling inside. It is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.


Tokelau food
Pua’a is the word for pork in Tokelauan language. I had this delicious and super-tender pork roast.

焢肉飯 (kongroufan)

Taiwan food
焢肉 (kongrou) is a Taiwanese braised pork dish cooked with soy sauce and sugar. It goes very well with rice (飯, fan) and a slice of pickled daikon.


Macau food
“焗” is the term for “doria” which is roasted pilaf with béchamel, tomato sauce or cheese. It is a popular Macanese dish. On the other hand, “猪扒飯” means “pork kotlet on the rice”.


Peru food
Pachamanca is that traditional dish of Peru cooked in the earthen oven known as a huatia. It is often served in official and public events. among Peruvians, serving Pachamanca is a gesture of hospitality. Typical ingredients include Cuy(guinea pig), chicken, pork, yuca(cassava), maize, potatoes, beans.

Pečená vepřové

Czech food
Meat include pork might be prominent parts of typical Czech dish. A popular Czech specialty is Roast pork called Pečená vepřové (pron. is lilke Pe-che-nah Vepr-djo-va), literaly translated “Roast Pork”. The pict here is Pečená vepřová žebírka which is grilled with honey (medu in Czech). They have anther famous dish called Pečené vepřové koleno (Roast Pork Knee). Roast meat often served with mustard, horse radish, and cold sauerkraut.


Philippines food
This is a noodle dish made with thick yellow noodles which are baked, then mixed with meat, shrimps or vegetables. The pork is very popular and it is cooked in soy sauce beforehand. It is also called as Pancit Canton. Often served with Calamansis fruits (simiral with lemon).


Philippines food
If you love Philippine food, then you might wanna make Pinakbet, go shopping for getting Bagoon (fermented shrimp paste) first. To sautee vegetables in a pan/wok is an easy, healthy and delicious way to simplify meals. Beside Bagoon, green beans, pumpkin, onion, pork meat, eggplant, etc are most popular ingredientes for making Pinakbet. Eat it with plain rice, enjoy!!


Tonga food
Pigs, called Puaka in Tongan language (one of polynesian family), is not only livestocks nor foodstuffs. Pigs are ‘the culture’ for Tongans. Food even for human must be stored for feeding to pigs. On special occasions, such as weddings, funerals and feasts, pigs will be killed and cooked for abundant numbers of dishes. Therefore, pork meat is unusual item at the supermarket unlike Western countries, China or Japan.

Stew pork

Anguilla food
Stew pork in Anguilla is a traditional Caribbean dish served on many islands. The pork meat is browned in caramalised sugar in oil to get a rich dark colour and flavour, then cooked with vegetable and mix spices. It was served along with rice and salad.

Talo, Pua’a

Samoa food
Talo (Taro in English) is a major nation’s crop which is used for main staple in Samoa. Pig is the best known livestock as pork meat can be described as a most popular meat in Samoa. The name is Pua’a (not Puah), say ‘a’ twice.